Sunday, 24 October 2021


 Well what a week it's been ! It's always such a buzz even after the Chat n Snap is over and everyone's gone home or off to their hotels.

First there's the sitting down and recovering from being on the go for a coupe of days, followed by looking at all the lovely raffle prizes and purchases. 

Then there is blogging about it , swiftly followed by contacting a few sellers , after seeing the sales tables again, and having a few more purchases made ! Oh yes just cos the days done doesn't mean we are not all off sending emails asking about this or that we saw but didn't get back to buy etc.

I'm often putting people who didn't attend, together with the sellers, especially of Sasha's. that they have seen on peoples photos on here or on the FB group. I would imagine that almost as much is spent in the days after as on the day.

I started cleaning off the dresser today and along with two Sashas and two other dolls these were what had been left on there.

So one bjd doll, a schoenhut dog, one little doll, two bears and one hedgehog, a basket of vegetables, several small books,three pairs of shoes, one set in red box plus one odd sandal missing its other, two bags, a pair of glasses , a small suitcase and a guitar ! Oh some extra small food and a hat out of shot!

I really have to stop leaving things on there !

I have decided to put a Halloween scene on the dresser, so started getting it set up. I have two lovely toadstool display items which I have put away , yes  somewhere safe ! So went off to look for them, Casper started barking so I went back to house, as Paul had taken Rufus for a walk and would be back to take Casper for his after. I should have stayed in the old studio ! I came back , called Casper and threw him a ball, he chased it , I then processed to trip up the step fall on my knees and bang my head on the metal washing pole that's surrounded by a metal obelisk ! I now have a bump on my head, a scraped knee and no toadstools !! Yet!

And I wouldn't have hit my head if I'd not tried not to land head first in the box bushes ! That would have been a softer landing !

So this is as far as I have got in my display for now, once Paul's back I;ll have him help find the toadstools! 

On the doll front three dolls have gone off to new parents this week, dolls who have sat patiently waiting for several months and all sold within a couple of days just after the CnS ! I have also managed to sell a few more clothing items.

I have been dressing all the dolls in the raffle prizes I won and also the clothes I bought, luckily most are autumn /winter based so they can stay in them until Spring ! I was due to visit my daughter and the grandies this week but it's been put off for a while, so I hope to get back out into the studio and start setting up. I just cannot, no matter how much I get rid of , manage to clear a decent amount of space on the floor to be able to move freely! So if I am home all week, I'll be spending several hours each day clearing out more !

Well I'd best stop here and wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.


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