Saturday 23 October 2021


 I decide for once to change the habit of a doll lifetime and actually redress all the dolls into the new clothing/raffle prize outfits I got at the Chat n Snap.

What normally happens is I either leave them in the bag they entered the house in or put them in a box and then completely forget/ lose them for  a anything from a few months to in one case a few years ! So I have started redressing them. 

A few items are more summer than autumn / winter, so those will get re-changed after photos are taken. So we are starting with little Ginny.

She is so happy to have been given the Dolly Doodles outfit with the sweet donkey design to wear.

Come the winter she could add some boots to help keep her feet warm.

but for now her Rosie Bloom shoes will be fine.

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