Wednesday, 5 January 2022


 Yes , we continue with doll photo day, where you can send in a couple of photos of your dolls and what they are or have been up to that month.

First up for the new year is

Ursula's girls out seeing what the new year is bringing their way !

Harriet explains to Pamela that you cannot actually 'see' what the new years bringing, which Pamela finds disappointing as she was sort of hoping to see a list saying whats coming ! I think Pamela stayed up too late new years eve and is therefore not quite thinking straight!

This young lady slid into Gregoropolis before the year ended and is still finding her way around.

She still looks a little worried but I'm sure Holly Belle will take her under her wing ! 

Here in the village Atticus is trying to convince Toby that it's time to put away the Santa outfit

" Even the real Father Christmas will be sitting with his feet up and wearing normal clothes by now !"

" But how do you know that ? " Toby argues " You haven't been to the north pole have you ? You don't know for sure !"

But Toby's having none of it as far as he is concerned Father Christmas only wears his Christmas outfit all year ! So he will to ! 

 From RoRoPo we have Julchen, Holly and Clara celebrating the New year 

Thank you to everyone for taking time to send in a photo or two. There is always time to have a photo added if you would like to join  in.



  1. I have to agree with Pamela. I'd like to have a list too of all that 2022 has in store for us.

  2. I have to say that Toby does rock that Santa outfit!