Monday 24 January 2022


 On the Facebook group this weeks theme is who is your dream / wished for doll ? 

Well having collected Sasha's for about twelve years now, I have actually had most of them at one time or another apart from maybe a few of the rarer ones and a Studio doll. So there is not Sasha or Gregor that I long to add , so do not have a wish list.

Would I like a Studio doll? Yes if she fell into my lap for a song ! But I also know I'd probably land up selling her on after a few months because I'd worry about her getting damaged but then maybe not if I got her really cheap !

So it was back in the early days that I looked at the pricey dolls and thought I'd never pay that for a doll !! Oh yes I did say that.

Then I saw a doll I just fell in love with and was pricey but I decided that I had to bite the bullet and buy her. Her hair had slightly put me off but plans were made to send her via Alison for a few extra original strands to be added. 

She arrived and it was love, not at first sight, her hair was still a little sparse , but she had an attitude that made her hard to ignore and she was soon in my heart , But this was back in 2012 early days of my collecting, so the worry of her cost eventually made me sell her on. 

So my answer to the theme was I didn't have a wish list doll but I would mind having one girl I'd sold on back for good.


Her photos on Shelly's.

and when she arrived here below

So I shared her photo today on the group, this one below of her in her duffle coat.

and it set me to thinking ! If I wanted her to return I needed to tell her owner , that if she was ready to sell her in future could I have first refusal. Now I knew who'd bought her when I sold her but I also knew she'd gone back to Shelly's after that and been sold again.

However I saw her at the Chat n Snap a few years back, I knew it was her, she had even kept her name , Arabella !

So I messaged her mum and asked to be given first refusal and guess what ? She was willing to to let me adopt her !! She loves her too but is happy for me to have her back !

So come tomorrow, it's sell, sell sell to fund her adoption fees, Arabella's coming home !!!!


  1. Thank you. It is wonderful she kept her name and that she's coming back, the sales are going well so maybe she'll arrive soon :)

  2. Now that really is a dream come true! She's quite a special girl with a lot of personality!