Tuesday, 4 January 2022


 Finally the temperature is back to a normal January level ! Which means it's now cold !

Which is why when Ragnor meets up with Robyn and Erik outside the conversation turns to clothing.

Ragnor is wearing one of the new jacket's , he chose the red.

Erik asks Robyn " How come you have a matching hat to your jacket ? "

" Search me !" Robyn replies shrugging his shoulders " That's how it came  "

" Seems a little unfair that you have a hat and we don't " Ragnor chips in " I'm freezing !"

"Maybe you should put on some socks then " Robyn says

The boys look down at Ragnor's feet, he appears to just be wearing shoes !

" Oh ! " Ragnor exclaims " No wonder I'd so cold "

" Well that would do it " adds Erik with a grin " Mind you a hat would also help in this weather "

" True , one should always cover both your feet and your head when outside in the cold " confirms Robyn.

Robyn turns away saying " Come on, lets find you some socks Ragnor "

" And hats for me and Erik too ! " Ragnor  adds 

" But not matching one's " mutters Erik slightly peeved that Robyn's got a matching hat !

Robyn hides his smile , Erik's always got to have the last word !


  1. My goodness Ragnor! I know you have a tough guy name and all, but even the Vikings wore socks. I never mind letting others have the last word, as long as it's "whatever you say".

    1. Ragnor is one of those kids whose always hot! I'm liking your last word , last words :)