Sunday, 9 January 2022


 Yes it's Sunday, oh how I remember when that meant half the weekend had gone and it would be work the next day ! Now it's really just another day in the week. It's only  noted if we need to go and buy something and then realise the opening hours are different to normal and in truth, we'd wait for the weekdays as less people about shopping because they are all at work.

Last week was busy with appointments and household things. The weather also turned colder, so not so encouraging for getting outside until about midday when the sun would have had a chance to increase the temperature before early afternoon when it drops again.

Like every new year my thoughts are turning to having a massive clear out of the house etc, I cannot understand how much stuff seems to appear despite us not buying anything to speak of! I made need to take a leaf out of that woman's book, where you take everything out and decide if you love it ( although I'd swap love for use ) and only put back whats used. The trouble I always have with these sorts of clearing is probably half of the items will be new and unused ! So find it hard to just get rid of them.

Paul hates this time of year as I also start to point out all the little jobs that have been waiting to be done for months , if not years ! But at least it will mean a few will get finished.

On the doll front ,I have to confess I have avoided the studio in the cold weather, although I do have a heat source in there. Poor Granny has started her sales without me! Maybe I'll catch up with her later this week.

I managed to sell another non Sasha doll and a few more dolls clothes, however I was let down by someone who asked me to hold a doll for them for over a week , only for them to not reappear and ignore my email. I do understand that once you sleep on it, you can suddenly realise you don't need or want the doll or that you really cannot afford it at that time but surely a quick email saying so is just common curtsey ? 

Anyway today the sun is shinning and is warming up the world, so I may actually get out and have a quick wander round the garden and take a trip to the Studio. Indoors all the decorations and Christmas china's been put away for another year and the place is relatively tidy and not full of dolls clothes and props! How long that will last remains to be seen.

On the Facebook group they are having a No Navel week, so I have been searching out photos and will take new ones. It's given me the idea to make this No Navel month, so I will be using them in my posts, changing them, using them in storylines etc.

Then maybe I'll make February my Gregor month , which the boys will love as they say I don't give them nearly as much attention as the girls ! 

So I will start with this old photo from 2018 when there used to be a whole host of no navel's living here. ( can you spot the non no navel in this group ? ) Since then a few have moved on as I try to slim down all my dolls but there will always be a small core of these elfin dolls in the village.

 Have a lovely healthy happy fun filled week 



  1. What an impressive lineup. I think I spy a different sort of "N-N", fourth from the left.

    1. Well done, I almost missed her when I found the photo :)