Sunday, 30 January 2022


 Well what a week it's been ! Paul had his op on Saturday , so we had to spend from Wednesday onwards isolating ! Amazing just what you suddenly decide you want/need to do when you are not allowed to actually go out !

However the time passed quick enough and Paul was in and out in a few hours and back home. However he's got to go back in a couple of weeks yet again! Nothing to worry about , well apart from all these mini ops!

 Lot's of decisions about what could be sold in order to pay for Arabella's adoption fees took place this week. Alas a doll or two needed to go, so Olly and Olivia, my twin button nosed kids , volunteered to go to pastures new as long as they could stay together.

I am pleased to say they found a new home very quickly and are at this moment travelling to their new home. So that was a big chunk of the fees, so then it was deciding what clothes to sell rather than adding another doll to the mix.

I decided to sell all their hooded coats apart from one , I find the hoods get in the way and I would much rather add a nice hat and scarf to a coat, than have to try and put lots of long Sasha hair into a hood. Also I have bought Petrana's coat pattern so hope to have a go at making a few later in the year. I have been very firm and put up and sold quite a few pieces of lovely clothing that I have had for years and have not used for years!  I have actually managed to empty another of the small plastic boxes.

I have to say having a good sort through and clear out, does make you see the clothes again and realise just how much you have, just how much you don't actually use and just how lovely things are.

It also makes you wonder what happened to sellers who no longer sell. There was a beautiful maker of smocked dresses in the US who stopped making about 18 months or so ago, I still have a couple of the dresses I bought from her years ago but alas she no longer lists.

The Pj's Claudia is wearing, in yesterday's post ,were still in their wrapper from when I bought them a couple of years back. Made by TriciasixT selling on Etsy , I have several beautiful cardigans and tights also made by her (and used ) but she's disappeared and is no longer selling. I wish they were able to leave a message where you could find it saying why they had stopped or where they had gone.

The foxy slippers I bought at a Chat n Snap , again a few years back. They are by Rosie Laird and a great fit.

So on the doll front two dolls have gone and one will be arriving next week. Over thirty items of clothing have gone but I have to confess to buying a couple of other pieces, just a couple!

Well I need to go and carry on listing and sorting clothing , so I can put boxes back into the studio knowing they are in order and have been labelled etc, even after all this I will still have too many clothes but I will have made a decent dent in the boxes.

Wishing you all a lovely happy fun filled week ahead.



  1. Glad to hear that Paul is doing well, and also your Arabella fund is growing nicely. I completely agree with you about hoods on coats; never a big fan of them. We have quite a few TriciasixT cardigans and boys shirts, and I really love them. It's too bad that she's no longer active.

    1. Thank you, yes Arabella almost has both feet in the box ready to travel !
      It's sad when a great Sasha clothes maker just goes :(