Sunday 23 January 2022


 Yes it's another January Sunday. Here in the UK it is cold but dry , which is good as cold and wet is not so good this time of year. At least you can wrap up and get outside in this weather.

At the moment here in UK there is talk of our energy bills soring into double if not treble figures ! So I decided to remove all the dolls I keep in cabinets in the studio and bring them into  the house. That way I can turn off the heating in the Studio and only turn it back on overnight and also if I intend to be in there for any length of time.

So I now have four large shopping bags full to the brim with dolls ! That will need somewhere to stay until the weather improves. 

I used to live in a big Edwardian semi detached house, which we extended into the two lofts, it was split level. At the time all the girls lived at home and all the rooms were in use. Then the girls grew up and started to leave , so we downsized to our house here in the village. We wanted a drive on which we could park a couple of cars and a bigger garden plus a nice quiet road. All of which we now have but now I also have a large doll collection and no spare rooms ! 

Back then I didn't collect dolls and just had a couple of teddies, that sat in the bedroom, how I could now do with one of those bedrooms to convert into a doll room! But it's not about to happen, so the dolls will have to bide their time in bags until the weather warms up again. I can only be thankful that I have reduced the amount of dolls I own by at least around 50 last year. Not that I didn't also acquire a few more !

But It's not like I don't have dolls already in the house ! I keep all the Sashas and Gregors indoors, 

These ones are still standing on the dresser and the others are in the cabinet that is meant to be up in the bedroom but cannot go up there until the rooms been decorated and carpeted but that's not going to happen until the spring/summer .

These dolls have taken up residence on the sideboard in the living room and there are three other dolls opposite them on a shelf in the china cabinet ! And best not to forget the three dolls in the bedroom on the dressing table and lords knows how many doll!s in the large hamper at the end of the bed !!!!

Typing all this just made me realise just how many dolls there are still scattered around the house. I may have to make some more hard decisions ...

However my clothes sales have been going slowly and despite my efforts I still have lots of boxes ! Sometimes, I am tempted to list everything and just keep whatever is left at the end of that day of listing! It may well come to take !

Of course I will have a box of must keeps, as they would be the first to go and then I'd wish I'd kept some back, but I am seriously considering this idea!

Well on that note I'm off to look in boxes to see just how much harder I could be ! 

Wishing you all a lovely healthy fun filled week 



  1. I know what you mean, Dee. There just never seems to be enough room for everything, and we have a fairly good sized house (as evidenced by our heating bills). Could it be that I just have too much stuff (perish the thought)? The recent FB Sasha group theme of 'wish lists' did make me realize that I honestly don't have anything that I'm just pining away for Sasha-wise anymore. I really am satisfied with my small army. Does that mean that no new kids will ever be coming to live here again? It should, but it probably won't ;-)

    1. I do think one will always fill the house whatever it's size ! I of I'd still been in my old house I'd probably landed up using all the empty rooms available !! So I know where you are coming from :)
      I'm the same I don't have a wish list but would not mind if one I sold could return but she's the only one and I agree I'm not looking for any others but one can never say never with these dolls....