Friday, 28 January 2022



"What on earth is this thing ? " Asks Margo

" No idea " Saffy replies while studying the post " seems to be some sort of counter ? "

" I think it spells Allebara !!" says Margo feeling pleased with herself

" What's a Allebara ? " questions Saffy 

Margo's smile vanishes " Oh I don't know , do you ? "

" No "

"Well what ever it is , they ran out of time to fill in the last A at the top " states Saffy

" Maybe they could not reach and have gone to get a ladder ? " Margo mutters

The girls ponder the letters for a while longer.

Giving up they turn away " Let's go ask the others if they have heard of a Allebara " Margo starts  walking

" It could be each letter is for a different word " Saffy says thinking out loud

" Oh yes " Margo likes that idea " A could be for Apple or  Ant or Apache or.. "

The girls walk back to the house saying all the words they can think of beginning with A ....


  1. Hum hum, what may that be, an allebara... hum hum... who knows???

    1. Hum hum yes what can it be ! If only they had read from the bottom up ! ;)