Sunday, 2 January 2022

JAN 2ND 2022

Well the old year is now over and a new nice fresh year starts! Let's hope it's better for everyone.

I have to say I'm slightly worried how my year's going to go, as when I opened my laptop this morning the hinge on one side broke!! No rhyme or reason, just broke! So now I will need to get it repaired! So I'll need to find a local repairer and get it fixed!

So we will move on from this slight hiccup and talk about other things. 

Last year was a very busy year with regard to the comings and goings of dolls etc. Somewhere in the region of around fifty dolls went off to be adopted , among that number were a few that had barely had time to find their way around having also arrived last year! I don't know if it was a reaction to the strange times we were living through or what but I plan to do better this year.

I'm still working on getting the studio sorted, it's a work in progress , which I believe means a never ending job! Much like the house ! But in both cases we will plod away, hoping that by the end of yet another year, we will have achieved a few things if not all.

I will be continuing the doll photo post on the fifth of each month and have already received a couple of photos to set the post rolling. Which is lovely. So please send in your photos by or on the fifth so they can be added.

The weather here is sunny and bright and unnaturally warm for this time of year, so whether that means we will land up with a late spring due to the cold weather returning and delaying it , only time will tell. The problem with this weather means it confuses the plants and they start their cycle too early and then get hit by the cold when it returns which then as a knock on effect into spring.

So I wish you all a healthy Happy New Year and look forward to sharing with you what the year brings us all.



Don't forget to send in the doll photos and keep checking the sales page as I will be trying to have a big clear out again this year !