Sunday, 6 March 2022


 March . Just the word brings hope of Spring. However having just been outside, to take a few photos by a bowl of small daffodils, it's really cold ! So maybe we'll have to wait another few weeks for some nice warmer weather.

Well It's been a pretty much quiet week around here with not much happening. I'd love to list lots of things I have achieved but in truth the only one managed was putting some things away in the loft while saying that next year we'd should get everything out of the loft and sort it all out , then just put back what we really need to!

That's because I have quite a few doll boxes up there , along with several boxes of books, toys that belonged to the girls when they were small, toys I have bought for the grandchildren for when they are a bit older and goodness knows what else ! I think there may even be a box or two from when we moved in almost 17 years ago this month, that really need to be emptied and got rid of , if they have not been needed in 17 years ! So that's a job that will need doing in the next year or so.

I have been getting on with my knitting in the evening while watching Captain America the winter soldier, The Avengers Endgame etc. I do love a good Marvel film and it's easier to knit when watching a film you've seen before as then if you need to look at the pattern or pay attention to the knitting, you've not missed anything you've not seen before.

I decided to dress  the dolls in Yellow and blue in support of Ukraine for the doll photo day on the fifth this month. Then yesterday I decided to see if I could dress all of them in Yellow and blue. So started last night and will need to go and search out more clothing today to see if I can dress all of the Sasha's and Grgeor's.

Of course somehow Arabella managed to acquire the Frances Trickett outfit I had managed to buy along with the grey 60's set she was wearing previously ! I had intended it to be worn by another of the girls, but when the idea for the yellow and blue outfits came up, Arabella was straight in and just trying it on for size before any of the others had a look in ! Once it was on there was no way of getting her to remove it because as she stated " Mum when it looks good there really is no need to change it ! "

Elsewhere on the doll front, not a lot's been happening, no sales this week but not surprising with whats going on in the world today. 

I have not been into the studio , apart from to get a few items to dress the dolls in, but do need to get in there sometime soon and start sorting out other things that can go. 

I have also been thinking about the display for the next Chat n Snap, which I will need to decide on, so Paul can start putting it together in the summer, rather than our usual last minute dash in the autumn. 

So not much to report at all this week, so I wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.



  1. Well it's a lovely outfit and it certainly suits her, so next time the other girls just will have to be quicker!
    I could never dress all my children in blue and yellow as they seem to have very few yellow garments. Hmmm maybe I can knit a little faster to get at least one other kid into these colours...

    1. Yes the others will need to be quicker in future !
      I have managed to squeeze all my kids, which a bit of creative thinking into Yellow and Blue, if was a close run thing but I did make it!
      I do love yellow but still didn't have enough.
      I bet you could have something knitted in no time ! ;)

  2. Gorgeous dress on Arabella, sometimes a more peaceful week is what's needed

    1. Thank you, yes I agree a peaceful week can be good :)