Monday, 14 March 2022


 No not dolls, since I have way more dolls than five and I cannot ever see myself with just three ! No yarn/wool boxes ! 

I did finally get round to listing some of my yarn overspill onto eBay because it had a fees offer, which spurred me on to look at what I could bundle up together ! 

Even better is by the time I got up this morning I had sold three bundles ( totaling 27 balls ) and have had a offer on another bundle of oddments ! 

So seeing there was now more room in the boxes I set about removing odd pieces of knitting that was still waiting to be finished on various stitch holders !

Amazingly this was what was sitting in one of the boxes ! Piece's of Sasha knitting. Many years ago when I first got into Sasha I started knitting sweater dresses with hats ( I was the first to do this ) and also crochet hats as well and was doing a good sale on Hattie's hats. Of course that meant others started doing the same and so I gave up after a while as I am not a fast knitter !

So these pieces must be a good eight or maybe more years old. There is actually one complete sweater dress that's just not been put together, result ! But as for the rest I have removed them from their stitch holders and thrown them away !  ( it must be an age thing as I would never have done this years ago , which is why they were still waiting around ! ) 

Then I sorted the yarn into two boxes, one very large box of double knit etc and one big box of 4ply and some of the fancier wool, which meant I was able to completely empty two plastic boxes !

I have to say I am feeling quite pleased at finally emptying two whole boxes and moving on a good few balls of yarn as that means it's even less I have to work my way through over the year.

I have a box of cotton which I used to use to make Hattie's Hats with, still trying to decide if I should go through that, even though I have not made a hat in a few years.... I could reduce it a bit....

It's also made me determined to get all the household fabric out over the coming months and measure and photograph it all ready to add the next time eBay have a fees offer on. Now if I could sell all that on, that would be a result !

It must be Spring ! all this clearing out happening !


  1. That's what you call success! I'm impressed. And now you have space for other pretty things.

    1. Thank you, I have to confess I have ordered a couple of balls of yarn for somethings I am working on but they will fit in the existing boxes ..honest ! :)