Thursday, 24 March 2022



Ah ! It's Robyn , what are you up to?

Just waiting for Erik and Ragnor.

So lads what's up ! Why you all meeting up ? 

Oh I see to have a photo taken for the boy week on the FB group ! Oh then you are off to play while the weathers so nice, sounds like a good plan.

I had my photo taken for the group the other day Erik tell me , here by the daffs !

Well no one took my photo earlier says Ragnor , so that's why I'm here 

We'd best have a close up then 

Are you finished ? the boys all ask at the same time ! I say yes, and with that they are off down the garden on an adventure with the sun shinning on them.


  1. It's very hard for a boy to stand still for a photo when adventures are waiting!
    You've got gorgeous daffodils and Erik looks so pretty beside them! All the boys look pretty, naturally!!!

  2. Thanks Dee-I needed to be reminded how much I love my dolls and the Gregors in particular.

    Ooh, aages since I saw Ragnor - those EYES!!! The Gregor darks were always my favourites in the Sasha Family. (Sorry Bertie and Roland and Awel - Gryf Twins and...and...)