Tuesday, 22 March 2022


 Last week another France T outfit arrived but before anyone , especially Arabella , saw it, Hattie opened the parcel.

She immediately knew it was just the kind of outfit her darling Helena Bonham Carter would wear, so she claimed it and went off to change.

I asked her why she was so sure these paint splattered style dungarees and satin blouse was very HBC?

"Well Mum I thought you would have worked it out by now ! " Hattie sighed giving me a look ! 

" The wonderous Helena may look like she got dressed in the dark or rummaged through a child's dressing up box on occasion, but in fact her outfits are well constructed and thought out !"

" You could have fooled me " I muttered , receiving on of Hattie's stares 

" Like this outfit by Frances, the dungarees are made of organic fair trade cotton , therefore supporting a well deserving cause, while this one, of the two blouses, is made of beautiful pink shot satin allowing for that touch of luxury we all love "

For a moment mum was stunned to silence , then asked "  a touch of luxury we all love ? even you ? "

Hattie smiles a sweet smile  " One can still appreciate a fine piece of cloth while maintaining ones honesty " and having dropped that little sentence she was off down the garden in search of inspiration for her hats !


  1. I'm not certain I can imagine Helena in this outfit, but it suits Hattie perfectly! Hope she'll find the inspiration for some hats.

    1. I have to agree, I don't think Helena ever wears trousers or dungarees, but if Hattie is happy who am I to tell her lol.
      She always has lots of idea's for hats but it's getting them made that is her problem ! ;)