Thursday 17 March 2022



Violet and Sapphire have been outside walking around the garden , checking and making lists of all the things that need doing now that spring has finally arrived.

They have just stopped to admire the bowl of daffodils and are about to head inside .

They stop and Violet says to Sapphire " Did you hear that yesterday was national Panda day ? "

Before Sapphire as a chance to reply...

"Did someone say Panda ? " stunned the girls find themselves surrounded by... Pandas!

Violet looks over at Sapphire " Do you know you have a Panda on your shoulder ? "

As Sapphire starts to turn her head to respond the panda on her shoulder loses its grip and 

falls onto the head of the panda below !

" Are you okay ? " Edward asks the Pink panda 

" F i n e   ju st win ded ! "

The little bear climbs down and sits on the biggest panda's lap.

Then just as they girls are about to ask them where they came from they vanish! 

" Did that just.. "

"Yes "

"Did you have a P "

" Yes "

" This place is so "

" Yes "

" I think we need a cup of    "

" Oh yes ! " and with that the girls go inside.


  1. So sweet little ladies and then those cute pandas! Especially the pink one. Never saw a pink panda before. Very rare, these bears. They are on the red - ahm, pink! - list, aren't they?
    Nice story, simply made my day!!!

    1. We have many Panda's of colour here in the village ;) Glad you enjoyed their visit :)

  2. SPOOKY!!! But very cute, on the other hand, and I admire that large bunch of pandas.
    The twins look fresh and lovely in their spring gear - ready for garden work!

    1. Very ! But we do love Panda's however they appear !
      Yes it's time to get out into the garden xx