Friday, 25 March 2022



"I'm Percy and I hear we may be twins ? " Percy says " 

" I suppose it could be true, I'm Rupert " 

Percy ask a few questions " What's your favourite colour ? "  " Blue or Purple "

"What's your favourite album ? "   " Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake  , yours ? " Rupert asks back

"Queen "

"The queen ? I didn't know she had an album ? is it of her speeches ? " questions Rupert

" No Queen , the rock band ! who wants to live forever ! Radio Gaga ! Fat bottomed girls.. " 

" I beg your pardon ! Fat bottomed girls ? How rude ! !

Percy stops surprised " You are telling me you have never heard of Queen ? "

" I know of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second , of course ! " sniffs Rupert " But of a band called Queen no !"

" Oh boy have you got a surprise coming, lets go listen to a track or twelve !" Percy says excitedly.

" I will open your heart to another Queen, not just her Maj ! " 

Rupert's not so sure but is always open to learning new things, he asks Percy " So what are your hobbies ?

" Well I love making things, especially using wood and dad hand tools. I like nothing better than getting covered I wood dust and producing something beautiful but useful "

" Mm beautiful and useful sounds interesting but I'm not so sure about getting covered in dust ! "

" Oh you haven't lived until you have Queen blaring out loud with a power tool in your hand and dust motes filling the air ! " laughs Percy, slapping Rupert on the back  " come on lets go to Dad and my workshop and have some fun !" 

Rupert looking a little unsure walks with Percy down the garden while Percy starts singing " We are the champions my friend.... "


  1. Sounds like maybe Rupert has led a bit of a sheltered life, but I'm sure Percy will get him up to speed. He's probably not quite ready for Toby yet.

    1. Could be ..... No one is ever ready for Toby !

  2. They look like twins, indeed! But not uniovular, I suspect...

    1. Yes almost but not quite, I think Rupert is a wider faced Gregor and has maybe had an easier life than Percy :0

  3. That seems a little clash of preferences - but they can learn from each other!
    They are both so handsome, I love the tiny eyed kids. And cleverly placed in their blue - yellow - blue gear in front of the lovely yellow daffodils!

    1. I think they are the same but different, like some twins are ;)
      All the children are insisting on keeping in the Yellow and Blue to show their continued support.

  4. Hahaha! When I read your post title Dee, I thought Percy was going to meet a bear. They look great together in similar clothes and could easily be mistaken for twins. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Lol it could have been possible ;) Yes they are not quite identical but close enough for twins :) xx