Sunday, 27 March 2022



For those of us in the united kingdom it is Mothers day today . So I wish you all a happy mothers day.

This beautiful vase of flowers was given to me by my daughter Lindsey, it came with the lovely big glass jar vase ! 

and I have been completely spoilt by my three daughters, above are the gifts from my eldest two and waiting at my youngest's home is yet more flowers and chocolates ! I have to say that it's the first time I have ever received three boxes of chocolates ! 

Like most women , I have spent most, if not all of my adult life, being 'good' , you know not eating chocolate , giving up chocolate, avoiding chocolate.  Easter is another time that I was always avoiding chocolate , so Easter eggs were few and far between ! 
So getting three boxes of chocolates at one time , is unheard of in my life ! It's funny because just the other day when going to visit friends, I bought a box of Cadburys milk tray to take for them and thought at the time, that I could not remember the last time I had a box of chocolates and now nice it was receiving one and now here I am with three !!

But don't worry, it would be just me eating them, I always share, so I'll only be eating one box as there are two others living here to assist me !

So what's been happening this week ! Well old age as been happening ! I went for my check up at the dentist on Monday , expecting the dentist to be saying again about fitting a crown to one of my teeth. 
But I'm one of those people who have a bad gag reflex, so putting something in my mouth to make a mould is a nightmare ! However instead of a crown, the tooth needs to come out! Along with  another that already has a crown but that is now cracked below. I suffer ? from gum disease , so the bone below each of these teeth has reduced, so no way to save them.  So it's back to the dentist this week to have the first of them removed.

The weather has been almost like summer this week, so lots of garden work getting done, although it's never ending from now till winter. Paul's been out cutting things back and trying things in.

Today it's much cooler and that's how the rest of the week's going to be cooler.

On the doll front I sold another two dolls ! and did not buy any, so a result ! I'd love to say that the studio is now getting more room inside due to all the things moving on but it's not ! I still need to get in there and be ruthless ! But it's so hard... what I need is an extension on my studio ! yeah I know , It's not going to happen, so I need to get my act together ! 
Hopefully this Spring clean mojo will continue and I will get into there and get going, I probably need to take everything out and then just put back what I need to keep ! But that would really need to be a summertime job, as it would take a couple of days to do and would require warm nights when things could be left outside on the patio table safely.

I do, on occasion eye up Paul's workshop which is bigger than my studio , but is full to the brim with his unused tools and whatever else he's thrown inside ! Maybe come summer I will have to have a think about if I need to upgrade that building and move there......

On that note I will wish you all a happy healthy fun filled week ahead.



  1. Sounds like you've got some really good girls. Happy Mothers Day, Dee!