Sunday, 13 March 2022


 Well the weather is brightening slowly , we are getting the odd warmer spell although it doesn't last long before the cold comes back.

The Spring bulbs are flowering and making us believe it will soon be much warmer .

We have not been up to much, just the usual household and life things. Although Paul was asked by my sister if he could make a couple of dinosaur book ends for her baby grandson.

Lindsey drew the pattern for him , then he cut them out and put them together.

the dinosaurs are different on each one but the trees match.

At the moment they are drying from their second undercoat of paint. So I will add a photo later of them as they are meant to be. We'll be sending them on to my sister for her to finish painting them in nice bright colours next week.

I have finished one of Adam's jackets and it just needs some buttons. Just hope it will fit him as I knitted a smaller size but if it's on the same size it can always go to my great nephew Henry, who the bookends are for as he is only about six months old.

On the doll front, I have sold another couple of dolls , which is good and I will be sorting out some of the wool today into bundles to get onto my sales page and also eBay while they are having a low fee weekend. 

Because my mind is so fixed on getting stuff sorted and either sold or moved on, I have not really got back into my Sasha story mind set. But hopefully as the weather warms up, I'll get back my Mo jo and things will start appearing.

Have a great healthy happy week ahead


NB I have managed to sort out some yarn which is now listed on sales page and also on eBay for those who may be interested.

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