Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Claudia and Mitzi are out in the garden enjoying the dry weather.
" I wish I could go to the festival" says Claudia " I think there will be lots of nice things there"
"Yes " agrees Mitzi " But there will also be lots of people and other Sasha's and you do not like crowds"

"Oh No! I do not want to go if there will be lots of people" exclaims Claudia " I am so glad Mum did not pick me"

They carry on walking through the garden.

" Mum" said there will be lots of things to buy " Mitzi continues " Even other Sasha's "

" Do you think mum will bring back a new brother or sister?" Claudia asks

" Well mum says no but! You can never tell" answers Mitzi " But there will be lots of shopping for clothes and things and lots of ladies and a few gents chatting all about us"
"Who you and me !" asks Claudia worriedly
" No not US but Sasha's and Gregors, silly"
" Thank goodness" sighs Claudia " I don't want anyone talking about me"

Look who is eavesdropping on the girl's ,Toby ! He is looking very unhappy...

The girl's carry on with their walk and Toby turns back to Dominic

" Did you hear that ! " demands Toby

" Yes" Dominic replies " They were talking about the festival"
" Yes  and?"
"And what?"
" And it's all going to be about shopping for clothes ! and Talking!!"
" Oh " says Dominic  then he drops his bomb shell" Ah I came to find you to tell you Mum says you can go to the festival"

He turns to hurry away
" I'm not going to no festival full of shopping for clothes and old biddies patting me on the head and saying what a lovely looking boy or he is so sweet!!"
" So where are you going?"
" I'm going to find mum and tell her..I cannot go"
"What after all the fuss you have been making!  Why will you say you cannot go?"
Toby pauses for a moment " I know , I cannot go because I'm getting a cold" he starts coughing and sniffing
and he hurries back to the house.
Dominic follows on behind, satisfied with a job well done, wait until he tell's Hattie how her plan worked like a dream....


  1. Poor old Tobs...great pictures of the kids Dee!

  2. From these descriptions (old biddies talking, admiring other dolls and shopping for Sasha clothes!) the festival sounds just up MY STREET!
    Sasha love and look forward to seeing you there, from Kendal.