Friday, 29 June 2012


Where is Toby off to now! It’s the last full day in Stratford and there is a full programme for the festival attendees and it looks like Toby is sneaking out to take full advantage of his family being too busy to notice him missing!

Lots of lovely barge’s are down on the Avon moored in the town.

This that who I think it is?

What is that little tike doing on that boat? He’d best get off before they see him.

Thank goodness he is getting off!

Toby is very impressed with the barge with the union jack doors.

What this! The Barge Gallery, walk on board! Well thinks Toby I do believe I will

“OH ” says Toby ” This looks very interesting, all these lovely pictures. Maybe I can find a present for Dad

“These look nice, How much? ” he asks the man in charge
The man answers and Toby looks at the few pence he’s got left after buying himself some sweets and an ice cream….

He decides that Dad does not really like pictures , so he goes on his way into town.

Toby comes across this cobbled alley way. “This looks funny” he walks down the uneven cobbles and climbs up to look in the window.

He spends some time looking about and then heads back to the hotel, it is getting late and mum and the girl’s will be finishing for dinner soon and he’d better be back in the room before they arrive.

He hurries back and just gets inside before he hears his family coming down the corridor, that was a close one he sighs.

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  1. lucky it didn't rain when Toby was having his adventure around Stratford. Tell him it is not the only Stratford in England, he needs to visit a few more, including the one in Buckinghamshire where the 'Cock horse' came from.