Saturday, 9 June 2012


At last the weather decides to stop raining, for how long? No one knows but two of the girl's, Velvet twins, Violet and Sapphire escape into the garden to enjoy the lovely afternoon sunshine.

" Lets go down to the end of the garden and see what flowers have come out" says Violet to her sister.

The girl's stop to look about.

" Look" says Sapphire " Dad still has not taken the cover off the bench"
" That's because it keeps raining" reply's Violet with her five minute older authority

" It's so nice being outside"
" Yes especially without getting wet! "

" Look how much all this as grown!" exclaims Violet
" I bet Dad's is happy with his new damp area" answers Sapphire
" Well with all the rain we have had , it's bound to do well"

Violet goes in under the tall Rodgersia , looking at the little ferns growing amid the tall plants.

" Come on Violet! " calls Sapphire " I want to go right to the end of the garden before Mum calls us in for tea"

" look at this lovely Geranium" Violet say to her sister pulling the plant down so Sapphire can get a good look.

"These are pretty " says Sapphire " I do like all the flowers on here there are so many!"

" Yes and I love the tiny little flower on this Heuchera " Violet pulls one and shows it to Sapph " The flowers are so tiny and there are so many going all along the top"

The girl's climb on one of the metal bench's and spend some time looking about and enjoying the sunshine.
After a little while , they hear Mum calling everyone one in for tea.

On the way back to the house Sapphire turns to Violet and states " I'm going to be a gardener when I grow up just like that Alan Tinymarch! "

Violet starts giggling " Oh Saph! His name is Titchmarsh! No Tinymarch!" both girl's have a good giggle and start walking when Violet says " I would like to be a gardener too. Let's ask Dad if we can have a corner of his greenhouse and a patch of garden"
" Yes lets! " Saph starts running " Come on Violet, I'll race you"....


  1. Lovely pictures of your girls in their VINTAGE SASHA outfits!

  2. Sapphire and Violet were wise to make the most of the sunny afternoon. I think it must have dried out at your place a bit earlier than at ours. They look great in their new outfits as well.

  3. I just love Sasha Doll twins (probably linked to my youngest brother having twin girls) and have had several pairs over the years, two girls and a girl and boy (and which I sold on together.) I'm not sure if I actually have any at the moment but if so it would only be a boy and girl set.
    I think the the vintage-sasha button fronted dresses are simply the BEST! I have quite a few now but feel that 'One' can't get enough of them.
    Your garden is delightful and I like the 'wet area.' Unfortunately my small garden is too dry to have one but have made a tiny shady spot instead which the Hostas enjoy.
    Thrilled to hear that Sapphire and Violet are planning to become gardeners as I shall be needing some help here in a couple of years finding, bending already too difficult. Perhaps we might even be seeing 'A Sasha Garden' at the Chelsea Flower Show in the future?
    Sasha love and thanks for yet another delightful story to start my day. From Kendal , where the rain has thankfully decided to stop here for the weekend too.

    1. I have always lovely twins,my mother was a non identical twin and I so wanted twins when I was having a family.But now I can have my twins through Sasha, my velvets and also Tristan and Ethan non identical blonde boys bought on the same day and I have been tempted a time or two to get another Angela to make Evie a twin.
      My DH made his damp area by digging deep and lining ground with plastic and gravel,it is right by lychgate so get rain off of roof. He also put up trellis on top of fencing to help give more shade and with all this wet weather its working well.
      I do believe that Violet and Sapphire may indeed appear at Chelsea when they are older...

  4. Really enjoyed your Violet and Sapphire story, love the photos of them in the garden, they're very photogenic and look so pretty in their Vintage Sasha dresses … you have a beautiful garden, lots of very pretty flowers I'm not surprised they had such a good time and want to become gardeners.

    Comment from Cathy

  5. Lovely garden Dee! How do you manage to do it all? Go to work, keep a great garden AND take Sasha photographs!

    1. I must confess that I do not garden as much as I used to, now spending more time supervising my Sasha Clan, so my poor DH gets left to do most of it, I tend to walk round pulling up the odd weed and talking in the royal 'We' ie: we need to cut that back, we need to tie that in etc to which the DH replies some what sarcasticly 'Yes WE do'!