Saturday 30 June 2012


Only two hours and a few minutes later  Hattie,Ginnie,Paige and Toby were home, having dropped Blossom and India off on the way.
The girl's all scramble out of the car and rush inside full of  excitement and wanting to tell the others of their adventure.

"HEY" shouts Toby finding himself left with all the bags of goodie's!" I'm not a donkey , you know!"

Hattie returns " Really?"
"Really what?" asks Toby puzzled
" Your not a donkey! I would have said you were an ass"
"Wait till I tell mum you called me an Ass! You know she does not like us using that word"
"That's Ass not the other word"
While Toby is trying to work out a cutting reply, Hattie grabs the bags and carries them inside.

They find Zak and Dominic playing in the living room.

While Hattie takes off her coat, Toby starts telling his brother's about his adventures.

"Ha Ha" cries Hattie when Toby says that he went on a Barge on the river " I'm telling Mum ! You were told to stay in the room "
" Well I did not" smirked Toby " It was boring , so I went out and about"
" When mum hears your'll not be so smug" says Hattie turning and hurrying off.

Zak and Dominic tell Toby not to worry about Hattie, they are sure that when she finds Mum she'll have calmed down and wont dob him in!

Within no time Toby is showing the others the cars he as bought for each of them " Here you are Zak, I got you this lovely blue one"

" Thanks Tobs" He says with excitement , he loves cars. Next Dominic is given his.

Then Toby gets out a lovely big bus.
"Wow" exclaims Zak " That's awesome! who did you get that one for?"
"Me" replies Toby
"Oh It's great" says Dominic" Can I have a go playing with it?"
"Maybe later" Toby says " Lets go find the others so I can give them their cars and we can all play"
Zak looks at the lovely bus and wonders if Toby will actually let them have a go playing with it. But decides his car is nice too, so they all agree to find the others.The boy's that is, Toby aint bought no cars for no Girls!..


  1. Gosh, wasn't Toby great bringing back those tiny cars for his friends. Did you buy them at the festival itself or from the local shops?
    I didn't get the chance to leave the hotel and had my own sales table on the Saturday night so wasn't able to see many of the other sales goods...though did have a 'nice' little spend from the tables immediately situated around mine.
    Have the Sasha girls bought their 'stay at home friends' anything back?
    Showing my age again I'm presuming the to 'dob' one in it means to 'get one into trouble?'
    From the looks of it your kids certainly went catered for for all kinds of weather.
    Before I left I did arrange for my Brood to have three new laptops (a black Sony Vaio for the boys, a silver Vaio for the girls {both the same make as mine} and an Apple Mac for toddler Bea) to arrive here for when I returned home... so they are all quite happy.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Kendal , he was very canny and bought ten cars for a £1 in poundland which he gave to his brothers but bought his bus and the mini sitting on the table from the toy shop at the end of the road the hotel was in, which cost him a few pounds more.

      So Poundland is the place to get the cars!