Monday 4 June 2012


The Clan had a great time yesterday watching the Queen's river pageant especially as it had rained here all day! They said that it was dry in London and I should have taken them to get a good view of all the boats going along the river and they were sure the Queen would have liked to see them waving from the side. But when the heaven's opened and the poor people singing atop the last boat were soaking wet , they decided that maybe watching from the comfort of the sofa was not bad after all!

So today was to be the day of their Queen's Jubilee Garden Party! But yet again the rain kept coming down, then the sky's were blue and we all hurried to set up.

From the left, Nathaniel, Claudia, Belinda ,Violet, Adam, Hattie and Toby were first up to start tucking in!

They were just starting to eat some of the lovely sandwiches and cake, when Big black clouds appeared over the house! So it was a mad dash to clear away just before the heaven's opened yet again!
So they have given up and decided that they will have another Jubilee Party when the weather forecast says Sun, sun sun...


  1. How wonderful to see a Sasha Queen's Diamond Jubilee party and in spite of the weather down there. They all look to be having a great time and ready to tuck into those attractive looking sandwiches and scrumptious, tempting cakes. Love the very pretty table cloth and the bunting fluttering behind.
    Some of my Brood dressed themselves in red, white and blue coloured clothing and helped me to hang some Union Jack Flag bunting at our windows.
    We had very fine rain on and off here on Saturday but sunshine on the other days so nowhere near as bad as it was down in the South. Stoke-on-Trent about ten+ kilometres away from us, had organised four days of Jubilee celebrations and activities which were well attended.
    Sasha love and so sorry to hear that 'the weather down there stopped play!' Pleased though that it has been re-arranged for a future fine day. From Kendal.

  2. You and the 'kids' did her Majesty proud! Fab pictures!

  3. We are having our Jubilee party today as it was just too wet and cold yesterday. I felt very sorry for our street party, have to admit I chickened out of going as I didn't think the cold wind and damp would do my pains any good, but they carried on regardless!

    Glad your kids got to enjoy a partial party at least :-)

  4. Truly astonishing, Dee! You never fail to delight me with your great pictures. Thanks! x