Friday, 29 June 2012


Well it’s the last day for those not going to Dawn’s on Monday and while his mum and the girl’s are having brunch and seeing what they may win in the raffle. Toby goes off to the library to get something to read while he waits.

But much to his surprise he finds a baby waiting quietly in a carry cot surrounded by lots of pink and white clothing and things.

Being a polite little boy he enquires if she is Well
” Hello, my names Toby, what is your name?”
The baby just looks at Toby and blows a few bubbles. ” Did your mum leave you here?” he tries again
A voice comes across from the next table.
” Baby’s do not talk! ” a very serious boy’s voice informs him
Looking over Toby sees someone on the next table so he makes his way across.

” Blimey!” says Toby ” You’ve got a lot of stuff!”
The little boy sigh’s ” Yes, I do have a considerable amount of clothing but I do not have any stuff!”
” Bli..I mean you sound just like Edward”
” Edward?” enquires the boy ” Your big brother?”
” No my sister Paige’s Panda”
The boy take’s a deep breath ” I see”
” Why have you got so much”
” Because I am off to boarding school once I get my new mum”
” If you are getting a new mum, why are you going off to school”
” Because I am highly intelligent  and I need to go to a place that can help me reach my full potential “

“I see ” says Toby not really seeing at all ” Well I hope you can reach it when you get there and then they let you go home to your mum”

” Reach what?” asks William bewildered

” Your potential, I hope it’s not too high up so you can get it quick and get home!” Toby has spied some thing on the next table that he just as to go see” Must dash, have a good one” he rushes off leaving William wondering if what had happened, had really happened!

“What a beauty” Sign’s Toby ” I would love to take you home! Everyone would love you”

” Why Thank you sugar! ” a sultry voice says, making Toby jump and look to the side

“Oh Hello I did not see you there”
Cora gives a sigh ” You mean I’m not a beauty and everyone won’t love me?”
” Oh I am sure someone will love you and you are very pretty but I was talking to the barbecue”
“Boys!” exclaims Cora ” you only ever think of your stomachs!”
“That’s because we are always hungry ” explains Toby helpfully ” Well I must go, my mum will be looking for me”

He turns to leave but then asks”  Do you know where I can buy a Barbecue like that?”
Cora tells him but by the time he find’s and tells his mum whatever letter’s she told him have become jumbled and changed, so the likely hood of him getting one are slim to none!

Then it’s time to leave and Mum give’s Toby the keys to leave at reception.

Toby get’s mum to take a picture of Junita and him as he hands over the keys.

Then she shakes Toby’s hand. She has watched the little scamp slipping in and out of the Hotel all weekend, giving her a cheeky grin and a wave as he vanished outside. I think she has a soft spot for him.

Then it was everyone into the car for the journey home after a very busy and lovely weekend meeting and making new friends.

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  1. Snap! I too have taken photos of Ross with the 'Gregor goes to boarding school' and baby Quirky with the baby layette BUT there wasn't time to take Ross interacting with the Cora raffle. Pity as there was some very 'cool' items included in that, that I would have liked to have taken a second closer look at but perhaps all is not lost and we'll see them again in Laura's future photos.
    Sasha love from Kendal.