Friday, 1 June 2012


It 's been a long and tiring journey but at last they have arrived........

He knocks on the door....

"HELLO ?" he calls

Paige answers the door...

"Nate.... Nathaniel Is it really you?" she gasps and hugs him tight

" I have missed you too Paige" says Nathaniel hugging her back " That's why I have come to join your new family, so I can still be your big brother"
" I love you Nate"
" I love you too Paige"


Yes oh Yes! I have managed to acquire one of the Gregor's on my wish list, totally unexpected and out of the blue! I did not think I would be able to find one for quite a while but then I was given the opportunity and of course I jumped at the chance to become his new mum. 

He was posted from the States Monday week so I have been awaiting his arrival for a while and by this week I kept coming home and the first question I would ask was " Has he arrived?" but everyday the answer was No!
I was hoping to make him red of the month for June but last night decided that he would not arrive in time and so picked Evie's photo but a part of me thought I bet he'll turn up now it's too late to be Red of the month and so he did! 
I always take pictures of my new clan members on their arrival to keep with their clothing that is put away safely. Then they get changed into a nice new outfit.
Here are his arrival pictures.

He is a Gregor Shorts boy from 1968

Here is a close up of his lovely face. I have called him Nathaniel...Nate for short and now I will need to buy another Dollydoodle crew outfit just when I thought I'd finished! But hey! Do I really mind.......of course not .
I'm H...A..P...P..Y.


  1. Many congrats to you on your new boy Nate, he is gorgeous!! I love the shorts boys (don't have one myself) its so lovely that Paige has her big brother back, I love the photos of her opening the door to him, the little dog is sweet but the little pig is just too cute! Cathy x

  2. What a wonderful arrival as well! He is gorgeous Dee, but then those red head shorts boys are rather special! It is fabulous Paige and Nate have been reunited.

    What a great start to June eh?!

  3. Is he one of Ellen Church's boys...i.e Paige's real brother?
    Congratulations on your new boy!!

    1. Yes he is Paige true brother.

    2. Aww! That is lovely! I think that is so sweet!!
      And I bet you didn't get stung for customs!!! :)

    3. The only 'custom' I believe in is the custom of welcoming a Sasha or Gregor into one's home and family ; )

  4. No wonder you have been on tender-hooks awaiting his long overdue arrival!
    Fabulous photographs of him knocking on the door and being re-united with his sister Paige.
    Pleased too that you can tick another box on your Sasha Doll wish list. Great new addition indeed and just in time for celebrating this special Diamond Jubilee weekend.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Yes It was a bit worrying waiting for him and I cannot believe how the list is going but it is increasing near every time I look at your lovely brood !!

  5. Well he is a gorgeous little boy! So sweet. The whole story is just adorable. Well done again, Dee! What's this about not getting stung by customs???? I have yet to get a single Sasha from over the pond without having to pay out a fortune! Lucky you! xxx