Friday, 18 July 2014


Today Ava, Simone, Callie, Mimi, Lulu and I went to visit Gill for lunch. It was rumbling with thunder and grey skies when I left the village  and of course the rain hit almost as soon as I opened the front door to go to the car! But it was not much and I was soon heading down the road leaving grey skies behind me and going into the sun!

And sunny it was!!! the temperature's slowly risen all day and I am typing this back at home indoors but slowly baking!!

Anyway back to the visit.

The girls were very excited to be visiting Gill and her girls.

Simone, Lulu and Callie

Mimi and Ava.

Two of Gill's girl's were checking out the new Batik dress by Michelle but Mum had said they could not wear them yet.

They don't mind too much as they are in their Vintage Sasha outfits which are keeping them nice and cool.

Two more of the girl's wearing Vintage Sasha.

Lots of whispering going on over with the No navels girls! Again in their Vintage Sasha.

All of Gill's slate eyed girls had been out in the porch awaiting our arrival, all beautifully dressed in their Ruth Hartley Repro smocked dresses.

Lulu and Simone did a little modelling of Marti Murphy's Birtenstocks to put on info page.

While Gill put lunch together , I changed my girls into their Ruth Hartley repro dresses, ready for a Slate eyed girl photo shoot.

and here they all are being very good and standing on the back of the sofa in the very very warm conservatory. Between us we have Twelve! , Four Reds, Four Blondes and Four Brunettes!! Which we did not realise until now.

the left side of the group.

The right side.

All the blondes together.

The Brunettes

The Reds

Naturally we have some dresses from this range in the same colour, so thought I would show those ones together.

The green set.

The blue sets.

The Grey set on Gill's girl, Lulu only wears the dress with JJ shoes.

You can see that I like my dresses longer than Gill, so it's lucky I got this one.

Poppy , who is a slate eyed no nose said that she was in her own category and therefore could not stand with the others. She is wearing a beautiful Ruth Hartley set given to Gill by Steve when we visited last month.

Last up are Gill's girls Ruby and Scarlet , I love the kitten print fabric on these dresses.

Well we had a lovely visit, the girls are now all in the Ruth Hartley repro smocked sets and looking lovely.I'll add a photo of my girls together once it cools down!!



  1. Much tooth grinding! If I post what I want to say, the internet cuts out. So.... LOVELY.... & will post when thunder storm stops! J x

    1. These thunderstorms are very loud and long!! Mind you it appears I slept through last nights one!! But then I was tired!! :)

  2. Lovely lovely girls in gorgeous outfits! And all looking so very different. I immediately was able to pick out your little brunette from Sarah, as she has such a different and pouty look, much more so than the others. I do like those cat dresses too, they're very nice and very different....who made those, do you k now?
    Thanks Gill and Dee for sharing these pretty girls with us!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. It was interesting to see just how different all these girl's are with only a couple looking similar, Simone and Lulu being one set but then only since her re root ! One of Gill's brunette's is a large head girl which I had not realised until seeing her against the other brunettes today.
      The dresses are by Andrea of the dollworks.
      Hugs Dee xx

  3. Great photos of our girls together! Those cat dresses were made by Andrea of TheDollworks. Gill xx

    1. They do make a gorgeous Line up ! :)
      Thanks for info on kitten/cat dresses.
      Dee xxx

  4. What a superb post with all the similarities, comparisons and differences pointed out.

    How interesting to see that when combined you have four brunnette, four blondes and four red haired slate-eyed girls between you both...... AND that they all had a Ruthsdoll's double smocked dress to wear. Some achievement and planning between you!

    What did Gill think of your newly 'crown/fringe' re-rooted Lulu?

    Was very impressed with seeing Gill's courtyard garden through the conservatory patio doors. It's looking very pretty indeed.

    Love the posing with Gill's three No-navel girls.

    Looking forward to seeing a line up with Michelle's Batik dresses on your next visit! Which girls will you both be choosing to wear those?

    1. They are all so different! And it was not until I decided to take their photo's by Hair colour that we realised there were four of each! And that they all had Ruth' s dresses.

      Gill thought I'd done a good job and that Lulu looks really lovely with her new hair.

      We had lunch in that garden which was still and very warm but slightly cooler than indoors!!

      Yes , yet more redressing of the Sasha's!! :)

  5. Dee...what a great lineup. The girls look great in their summer dresses & sandals. So cool!! The dresses by Ruth are gorgeous!! Love them all...Carol

    1. Thanks Carol, I think Ruth's dresses look great seeing them all together!

  6. What absolutely stunning photos of some truly gorgeous girls! Ruth must be laughing all the way to the bank, ha ha! Wonderful outfits, though. Especially when there are two the same. That looks soooo nice! I admire your stamina taking all those pictures. Taking a couple - and I have had it! xxx Karin

    1. The girls do look nice when seen all together or wearing the same dress, the same but different!
      What can I say I am but your recorder of Sasha!! :)
      Dee xx

  7. Fabulous post Dee!!!! How absolutely perfect that you and Gill have a perfectly balanced group of girls! I am always a bit surprised to see how different each girl looks from the others. Even with the same hair color, they look very different :). I really like your Lulu very much--you are brave and talented!! I have to say that Poppy is my favorite girl and it was love at first sight :). Each time you show her, I find myself looking at her over and over again. The many outfits are just wonderful to see. Thank you for a great post :) xxxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. I could not believe it when it turned out that we had twelve between us!
      Poppy is a very special no nose girl :)
      I do love them all in these Ruth dresses, so nice together! :) xx

  8. Lovely post Dee and all the girls look great in their dresses. Poppy is my favourite, look forward to seein more photo's Theresa xx

    1. Thanks Theresa, Poppy is a lovely girl and the dresses so nice on them :)

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