Sunday, 20 July 2014


The slate eyed girls had gathered in the garden for a mini photo shoot. The sun had started to shine and the temperature was beginning to rise, so Mum decided to take the photo's of everyone on one of the covered benches.

Mimi and Ava stood together for a photo.

So Lulu and Simone decided to stand together.

So Callie had to stand on her own.

Callie misses not having a red haired slate eyed sister to share things with.

Simone's very happy that she now as a blonde sister who almost looks just like her!

And she loves her new mustard yellow dress.

Lulu also loves her new dress and loves that her sisters are all wearing the same style .

She just wants mum to paint her lips so she can smile properly.

Ava's been admiring Lulu's new hair and wondering if maybe Mum could sort out her fringe?

But then she's not to sure she'd like an out of body experience !

Mimi's just glad her hair is perfect and thick with no missing anything!

She's been watching mum hold her sister up to the computer screen looking at hair!!!

The girls stand about waiting for mum to get ready to take their group photo.

Mum goes off in search of something or other and tell's the girls to wait there and not move! So they start chatting.

Simone and Lulu start talking about the best shade of lip colour that would suit Lulu.

Ava tells Mimi she's worried that mum's going to get Dad to remove her head!!!

Callie listens to the others chatter wondering when she's have a special sister for her to chatter with !

Mum comes back and soon  the girls are ready for their group photo and Callie forgets about wanting a special sister for the moment.


Oh and Dad's started work on the centre piece for the display at the Chat n Snap.........  :)



  1. NOOOO! I'm with Callie here. It is JUST NOT FAIR!!!!!!! Do something, Mrs. Mum - even if it's only a 'one day when we can find her' sort of promise.
    Callie, darling, you look wonderful in your Auntie Ruth dress and Mrs. Mum may have to spend quite a long time looking before the right sister for you can be found.

    1. Once Callie did have a special red haired sister but I foolishly moved her on, so now she plays with all the others but would like one day to have a special sister again, but only time and the right face will end her wait! :)

  2. I was beginning to worry when 'Mr Dad' was going to start on the new Chat n' Snap creation so hopefully I can sit back and rest a little easier now that things are at least underway!
    (NOW all I have to hope is that Chon's house with have a complete new Victorian roof and huge bespoke bedroom window installed as work is only beginning on the 6th October so that it will be warm enough for me to go and stay there that weekend. If not and another pair of hands is needed with the woodwork/carpentry side of things I now know just the very person to enlist to ask to help as he will hopefully be well finished with his project by then !!!!)

    Feeling quite sad for Callie with not having a special friend to chat to today but have every confidence that it won't be that way for long now that the wedding dress has been purchased and Sasha Play can resume as normal!
    (Mightn't have been quite so bad for her had she been allowed to stand in the middle and hopefully catch some snippets of the conversations going on, on either side of her )

    Tell Ava that I'm sure that it will be well worth being 'dismembered' for the short while as it's only just the one row of fringe that needs to be re-rooted and as we've recently seen ' Mrs.Mum' works very I reckon that Lulu needn't worry at all as it will just be like having some new lipstick/gel/gloss applied.

    1. It worked wonders when I mentioned that we did not want to leave it all until the last minute like last year!! So he was up and out and now wonderful things are underway!! I so wish I could 'spill the beans! " but it will be much much better to be surprised on the day!! And there is still a lot of work to do.... :)
      I to hope Chon's house is warm and cosy for your October visit, for you especially will LOVE
      this years display, if we get it done in time!!

      I'm sure that the others did not mean to leave Callie out but just it that moment she was left looking in instead of being included. The others would be very unhappy if they mad Callie sad! But I am watching and waiting for the right girl to surface..but hopefully not for a little while!! this

  3. Um, I think some shopping is in order. These things take time of course, but you could at least try, pretty please :)
    Looking forward to what Paul creates this year. I will be with you in spirit.

    PS--a wedding how exciting. A very busy fall for you.

    1. Yes in time a special red will complete the set :)
      I wish everyone could come and enjoy the day but lots of photo's will be posted :)

      Yes a very busy but lovely fall to come :0

  4. Lovely photos Dee! I really love Lulu's hair and it looks so pretty with the ribbon pulling it back to see her bright face! Happy to hear about your daughter's wedding this November. Fall weddings are wonderful :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. I agree Lulu's hair suits her pulled back with the ribbon.
      It is such a lovely event to brighten up the month before winter sets in , and I will post photo's after the day :) xx

  5. First of all, what amazing photos again!!! You have to be congratulated on your fabulous girls!!! And Second of all, Callie, it is ok to be just YOU! To be unique! And it is just about hair colour, isn't it! You can have a soul mate, or a special sister, even if her hair is a different colour for goodness sake! And Ava, don't worry! I understand it is quite painless and you will be even more beautiful after the procedure.
    Dee, congratulations on your daughter's forthcoming wedding. You will be busy!!! Also good to hear that Paul is gainfully employed preparing something special for the Chat 'n snap!!! All good! xxx Kairn

    1. I do think these girls in Ruth's same but different fabric dresses do look so nice together.
      Karin you are so understanding for the girls and their worries :)
      Thank you, we have a wonderful day to look forward to with our lovely family :)
      Karin you will love whats being made... :) xxx Dee

  6. What lovely photos, the girls are all looking so pretty, I love Lulu's hair like that. I feel very sorry for little Callie, but like Karin says, it's fine to be the only redhead, it makes her unique! Though I'm sure you'll be on the look out for another redhead now Dee as I know how you like things all 'neat and tidy' LOL! I do love these older slate eyes girls, they are all so's amazing to think that they actually came out of the same mould, isn't it? I think this is why non Sasha loves might be perplexed "why so many Sashas? aren't they all the same?" well of course NOT!!!! They are all so incredibly different....the problem is, I love them ALL!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, love the girls in these dresses. Of course I must look for a special friend for Callie, it's my duty as her mother to try to find another , I of course would not even think of buying another red if not for the poor child.... :) lol
      Payl used to say that in the beginning , why is that one supposedly different, looks that same to me! but now he understand more but not why they are still!! arriving!! :)
      big hugs Dee xx