Saturday 5 July 2014


Today we had some friends round to lunch, we had hoped the weather would be kind but of course after a every hot Friday, today dawned wet and overcast! But slowly during the morning the sun began to make it's way through the cloud until it was at least bright with showers!
The first to arrive was Gill and Karen and Karen's husband Wasi, at exactly the same time as Steve phoned from the station. So Paul left to collect the train travellers while Gill, Karin and Wasi came in.

The usual chaos reigned as the dogs ,Hamish and Izzy inspected the newcomers, Hamish likes to stand at the feet of all visitors and look up and bark, tail wagging , until they pay homage to him , with lots for strokes and attention, which then means he continues until he's satisfied they have passed his test.
Wasi was very generous in paying him enough attention to stem the barking until the next visitors arrived and he could start over again!!

Next to arrive was Ronnie who I found to be quite powerful in the rain department! The rain had stopped but every time she said I'll just pop out to the car to get my Sasha's ..the heaven's opened and it poured while the sun shone!
Eventually she did not warn the weather of her intention and managed to bring her Sasha family into the house!

Soon Paul was back with Steve, James, Rachael and Judith who'd arrived at the Station too. Much barking and helloing greeted the newcomers before peace finally reigned !!

Thankfully the rain disappeared and we were able to get out into the garden.

This is a photo of some of the visitors after we have all eaten and are chatting, Sasha ! and other things.
From the left is Judith, Ronnie, Karin, Wasi and then Gill.

Ronnie had bought a basket of delights with her and yes there is a non Sasha in there! She is Aletta a Kidz n Cats doll, who we could see from a photo Ronnie showed us, bares a remarkable likeness to Ronnie daughter at a young age.

Now I bet your thinking Fabulous Five? does she mean Ronnie, Gill, Karin, Steve and Judith ? well of cours not! what about The lovely Wasi, James and Rachael? No I am afraid the fabulous five were in fact.....

FIVE Gorgeous single fringe girls!! Knowing my love for these 68 girls and especially his redhead Steve had bought them with him to visit. So my girl Belinda joined them to make it the fab five!
What a line up! I may have to divert from No Navels and find another few Single fringe girls after seeing this line up!

Belinda took herself off to speak to some of the others and Robin my 68 shorts boy with the NP eyes joined the girls for a chat.

While photo's were being taken and chat exchanged the sound of a chair being dragged across the table could be heard and then Reuben appeared! At first the visitors politely stayed in their line wondering what to do!

Then one of the girls recognised Reuben and they all gathered round talking and asking about how his quest to find an NP girl was going ? Reuben explained that he's had to put it on the back burner for a while because there was a very sad case that needed his assistance, not that he'd completely stop they must understand, just that he was taking his time and helping a waif and stray !
Robin struggled to stop his laughing, thankful that a certain red haired Milliner was not around to hear Reuben!

Suddenly Steve appeared to check up on what everyone was doing, Reuben ignored him ! Even though he'd lived with Steve for a while before arriving in the Village.
After a while of being ignored Steve wandered back inside closely  followed by his girls and Robin, so Reuben went in search of Hattie to ask her to evict Steve from the house and wanting to know just how that Mrs Mum could have invited the blackguard!!

Some of Gotz  girls were entertaining Gill's girl Poppy outside  and paused so they could have a photo taken.

Poppy is wearing a lovely set by Ruth Hartley that Steve gave Gill when we visited him a few weeks back.

Well the time went way too fast, lots of chat and gossip and and missing of chat ( problem with being in kitchen , make note to self, get daughters to help out! or order takeaway!!) and giving of gifts!! Seeing new prototypes of Judith's clothing!! My lips are sealed and so are the photo's !but I'm saving and hoping to get in when she finally lists!!  Judith's enjoying this retirement lark way to much!!
I'm sure everyone's gone away fired up with this or that idea from all the chat and seeing others Sasha's etc.

I thank everyone who came for their company especially Wasi, James and Rachael who are not Sasha nuts but just live with people who are!

I will leave you with this Fabulous photo of I jest!! lol    I will leave you with this photo of the Fabulous Five Single Fringe Girls.....



  1. Just popped by on my way to bed to see if anything had been posted of today. So very pleased to see all this here. Will comment more fully in the morning. Until then Goodnight, sleep tight.

  2. Great pictures!! Love the one of Steve with his girls!

    Gill. Xx

    1. Thanks Gill, I would much prefer that photo having the name Steve with MY single fringe girl's!!
      Dee xx

  3. Thank you Dee it was a lovely day and I finally got to sit in the Sasha Village garden - wonderful!
    Ronnie xx

    1. Thank you for your company Ronnie, glad you enjoyed the garden :)
      and maybe we have turned you slightly to the dark side!!!! :)
      Dee xx

  4. They certainly deserve their title of the 'Fab Five!' These 1968 Fringe girls (and lads) are stunningly beautiful and I am thrilled to see that Steve's four have been allowed to wear their beautiful home clothes for the occasion (as usually he tends to prefer them in their original clothing....which I always think it's like being kept in your school uniform 24/7.)

    The other visiting Sashas looked great too and I hoped that Karen's were allowed out of the basket at some stage, although I thought that it was rather naughty of Judith not to let her toddlers and babies pose for the camera in their new designs and styles for us to catch a glimpse of.

    Was disappointed to hear about the rain showers for you in spite of my prayers as we had gloriouis sunshine again. Must try to water everywhere as everything is now dried out and no longer looking fresh and green.

    You all look as if you were having a super time though. Wished that I could have been there too.

    1. They most certainly do deserve the title and yes Steve had dressed them beautifully in smocked dresses by Ruth Hartley and Jill Mackie with matching shoes. The worse thing he did was TAKE THEM HOME!!! lol but they are the most wonderful Sasha's to see together and have definitely made me want to keep my eyes open for another one or two.

      Unfortunately due to all the chatting, I totally forgot to take any photo's of Karin's Sasha's and she had bought two of her Sasha's , That I had to say, yes you beat me to her on Shelly's! which will teach me not to dither!!

      I could not show Judith's new range because the Sasha clothing world is almost as bad as the real fashion world, with someone somewhere immediately copying and producing any new idea before the designers had a chance to launch it!!

      The one good thing about the rain was we do not need to water the garden and everything looks lush and green and colour!

      it would have been lovely if you could have attended but save your strength and energy for the Chat n Snap.because there you'll get to gossip and BUY!! two of the best things to do!!
      Dee xx

  5. Oh well, I decided that I would still talk to you Dee, despite the fact that my plane ticket to come to your 'Sasha' gathering, got lost in the post ! ;) It looks like you all had a lovely time and what a lot of pretty dolls there as eye candy too! I love love love Steves girls and adding your lovely one was an extra bonus, those single fringe girls really are to die for! And I see that Steve has indeed kept his tan as was his intention....looking good Mr.Steve!!
    I hope that I'll get to meet all these nice people (and their dolls) in October, I really am looking forward to it, they all look really nice and friendly!
    So thank you for another great post and some super photos of beautiful Sashas (and Gregors too course!).
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. It never arrived , Well I'll be demanded my money back and big compensation!!
      We did have a great time but it really went so quickly as you will find at the Chat n Snap!
      Big Hugs Dee xx

  6. Hi Dee...thanks for all of the photos. Love the ones of your garden party. It looks like you had fun! So many Sasha's! All so beautiful. Mimi looks lovely and fits right in with the other girls in her new smocked dress & shoes. So organized & such perfection!!! Is your family complete now or are there more additions to come? Thanks for sharing the visitors dolls. Appreciate seeing all of the different Sasha's. Takes me ages to look at them & then I go back & look again. Lovely! Your village is a busy place with something new & different going on. Always a fun place to visit...Carol

    1. Thank Carol. Mimi is just so cute and does indeed fit in well with the others. Is a Sasha family ever complete? I would like another red head at some time, when the right one comes along and seeing the fringe girls together made me hope for another of those..if one appears very cheap!! lol
      The village can be very busy I can barely keep up!!

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  8. I had to remove my comment because of rotten spelling (should have used the preview button, ha ha)!!! But this is what I said:
    Hi Dee, thank you for a wonderful Sasha Saturday! Lovely company, excellent food and above all gorgeous Sashas! Even Wasi put his paper down to have a chat! Delighted to meet your new girl, your dogs and cats and have a wander round your lovely garden. It was a great day. Thank you again. We both truly enjoyed ourselves. Must do this again - soon!!! xxx

    1. Happens to me all the time karin!! :)
      Thank you and Wasi for your lovely company, it was a lovely afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves. I missed taking photo's of you dolls! But they are gorgeous and wish i'd been quicker for that red!!
      and yes we must get together again soon
      Dee xx

  9. Wish we could have come (thank you for inviting us) however very 2 important family occasions yesterday (both resulting in big smiles and the popping of corks) were enjoyed instead. We're glad you all had a wonderful time, despite the rain at the start of the fun and managed to spend time in the garden with the Sasha's.

    1. sorry you could not make it but know you were enjoying and celebrating some big family events. I'm sure you were all busy enjoying yourselves which is as it should be! Hope your weather was good and your not too tired for work and scholl tomorrow!!

  10. Just so lovely Dee and I really enjoyed seeing the happy Sasha collectors with their gorgeous Sashas! I think it is wonderful to spend the time together in such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing with us the photos capturing your great day! Hugs! xxxx

  11. Thank you Ginger, It's always nice to chat 'Sasha' and see friends and their latest or favourite Sasha's! Mind you it can be dangerous as the Sasha list tends to grow after seeing someone else's gorgeous girl!! :) xxx