Wednesday 30 July 2014


"Hello Lucas , that's a nice hat you have. Who gave it to you?"

Lucas just looks down and says "Shoes!"

" Well they are lovely new sandals! and the perfect match for your outfit, where did you get them? "
" Mon ka!" says Lucas in a happy voice " Mon ka shoes!"
" Sandals "
" NO Mon ka shoes!" insists Lucas
Mum thinks for a moment and then asks  " Do you mean Monica ? "
"Lucas signs gustily " Said Mon hic a !"
Mum decides not to argue and asks instead " Did Monica give you the hat too?"

"NO!" cries Lucas
Then Mum remembers " Oh I'm sorry Lucas I forgot it was Judith's toddler Aster who sent you the hat!" Mum smiles " I think she's sweet on you 1"

Lucas checks his front " No Sweet!" he says confused " No sweet on Lucas!"
Mum laughs, " I meant that I think Aster likes you, she thinks you are a sweetie"

"No sweetie!" says Lucas getting annoyed , he looks away  " Aster a  a .. a.. a ..G I R L!"
he says the last word like it's the worse thing possible.
Mum smiles " Well girl or not I think she must like you if she sent you a hat !"

" No!" says Lucas turning his back " MY HAT Not Aster !"

Mum tries to reason with him but he's having none of it and refuses to turn round and have more photo's taken, then he's off walking along muttering about sweeties!!

Well Mum would like to thank Monica for making the perfect match sandals for Lucas's outfit ( her details will be one info page ) and also Aster for asking her Mum, Judith, to make and send Lucas a hat to match his outfit , Aster who IS a little sweetie, for some strange reason likes the bad tempered tot!!



  1. Great title and loved the narrative!
    What a superb little DD Summer's outfit. Just perfect now that it's complete for this beautiful sunny weather that we are enjoying. Really suits his colouring!
    Aren't our Sasha friends the BEST! So kind, generous and thoughtful!
    You're a very lucky boy Lucas! Better try to be good from now on.

    1. Thanks Kendal, glad you liked it! :)
      The sandals are a perfect match to the outfit and Aster's such a darling to send the hat, although Judith tells me she's red faced as her brothers have been teasing her!!
      Lucas good?? Mmm not too sure those two words go together!!!
      Dee xx

  2. Bye bye Lucas! I are going for a l..o..n..g sleep so the builder mans can stop our house falling down. I are sharing a box bed wiv mine big brovers.
    I like you shoes and hat and boat picture set I don't thnk you sweet cos boys is made of meat, not of cake.
    I are sleepy so I going now. Bye, brover twin!
    Connor (no kisses cos we boys)

    1. Connor! No sleep in that box!! them brovers gonna push you out in the dark!! Don't trust em!!

      come back and play you Lucas, Me Lucas!! We is meat juz like sausage roll , i'm like sausage rolls, do you?
      anyway must go coz Mum is coming coz I put more powder in washing shine and now there plenty bubbles all in kitchen, it was big fun sliding in them even if I did sneeze alot but I wiped my nose on mum's best scarf... i'm only little i not know it her fav o one!1 oops gonna go now lucie the spookie.....

    2. I comin! Wait for me! We doin' slides and pretend for both be Lucas and make bears n Sashas n Gregors n Mrs Mum confused up. Good fun. Wait for me!
      I like sausge rolls n swissish rolls n jelly rolls n rolls in bubbles too.
      Connor wot don't do no kisses no more

    3. I save you end of my sausage roll but not my swissish roll I done eat all that one.
      You can't slide Mum did clean it up......well we could always make more them bubbles..hee hee.. am going to go hide some bubble powder before Mum put's it back on big shelf.. see ya soon
      Luccie spooky

  3. Awwww doesn't Lucas look 'sweet' in his new outfit, hat and sandals! I'm glad he finally got sandals to go with his outfit, and what a nice surprise to get the hat from Aster....she must be sweet on him!
    I do so hope he starts to behave himself now that he's being so well treated, but somehow I doubt very much that will happen...not just yet anyway!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Shh Sharon, don't say he's sweet or that Aster's sweet on him ! He does not do 'sweet'!! :)
      I'm sure he'll be almost as bad as normal much to the Ice Queen's delight!!
      But for now, he's happy running round the garden ( in the daytime) getting up to who knows what!!!
      hugs Dee xx

    2. Yes, Auntie Sharon, boys not sweet. Not want ra-ra skirt please. Ra-ra be very pretty for girl, but boy not like be sweet n pretty. Boys like be tough. Me n Lucas big tough boy twins.

  4. oh what a wonderful combination! I do not show my boys ;-) I like every picture.... with your mummy text!!!

    1. Thank you Saphira. Lucas takes a good photo even if he's not a very good boy!! :)

  5. I love little Lucas and his outfit is just perfect for him. His Monica sandals are perfect too! A really sweet post! :) xxx

  6. Lucas looks great in his summer finery. Head to toe indeed! Tell Lucas Monica sends lots of hugs.