Monday, 7 July 2014


Well I am just loving all these beautiful colours in the batik fabric my sister Michelle is using! Being a lover of colour , I'm not into the browns and the mud coloured items , although some can look ok but to each  their own! If we all liked the same colours it would be more expensive to buy for the Sasha's. But I do like the clothes to be well made and made with care not just churned out and priced at a premium. I'm more than happy to say that Michelle takes care with her Sasha clothes, all the bodices lined with the same fabric as the dress and finished to a very high standard with the fit being an important part of the process.
Hey surely that free advert should get me a free dress???? I'll let you know which one... :)

My dress for Mimi arrived the morning of my mini Sasha gathering, so I did not get a chance to change her until Sunday and although I loved her in the purple button smock I love her in this new dress.

Just love the colour of this dress and I had just the right socks and shoes to match!
I always find it strange how green does not appear a popular colour in the Sasha world.

Michelle also sent me this beautiful multi coloured Batik dress that I just love! The blue JJ shoes again are a good match and Belinda looks so nice in it.

Just had to include this close up.

Belinda  and Mimi together.

Mimi again

A close up of Mimi.

all my Slate eyed girls together in their new summer batik dresses.

from the left , Callie, Simone, Mimi, Lucy and Ava.

Belinda's joined the line up to show off all the Batik dresses we have bought from Michelle.

Such  a pretty line up of girls and dresses. Michelle sent me some photo's of her next listing of dresses, so far I have managed to resist but there was a couple of beautiful ones on there......I'm resisting.......



  1. These are beautiful Dee, the girls looks lovely in their Michelle Made dresses! I agree on colours, I'm into brights too, I think they sooo suit the skin tone of the Sasha kids. I will keep a look out for Michelles latest 'collection' on Ebay!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. I have even thought the brown ones were nice but I always go for the brights! lol
      Michelle's batik 'collection' is doing well.
      There are so many lovely fabric's and colours available, it's hard to go wrong really.!

  2. All looking very nice, bright and Summery!
    I'm liking how you are dressing your different types of dolls (No-navels, slate-eyed etc) in their own type of style, eg, smocked Sunday best dresses, front button dresses and now the Batiked material dresses.
    What have you planned for your Frido/Trendon girls? Smocked best dresses like Belinda and your lovely brunette girl of the month have on?

    1. The girls Batik dresses are perfect for the sunshine and playing in the garden, who knows what the others will wear? No me although I have seen an outfit or two that may do!

  3. Ack! I bid on two of these but a storm knocked my internet out last night and I couldn't put my bid up so didn't win either. Moan, moan. Will be trying again as they are gorgeous.
    I think the brown one Michelle had for sale would look good on the red heads, especially with a pretty, white angora bolero over. I'm not usually a browns or greys person but batik seems to have an entirely different feel/look to it.

    My favourites of your collection now are the green and the turquoise. Very pretty.
    Jenni xx

    1. Jenni, you were only outbid on the purple one the yellow set you won!

    2. Wow! When I managed to get back on-line this morning, I had two messages from Ebay saying I HADN'T won the auction on either. I just opened them to read them properly and the second one says I didn't win in the title, but did win in the body of the message - very strange! Off to send money.
      J xx

    3. Congrats on getting one of the dresses Jenni ! you will not be disappointed when it arrives. I very rarely buy brown but the one with the dark leaves on is very nice and I have found that browns and beige's do suit the Sasha's!

  4. Just so lovely and beautiful colors too in these special dresses. Brightens my day too! Thank you! :) xxx

    1. They are so lovely to look at on the girls certainly brightens the room. :)xx