Friday 11 July 2014


Here I come.....

Well Since I received the lovely Lucy and decided that her hair was too good to scalp and so decided to go down the Re rooting path!, I have set about getting information and tips and also the necessary equipment needed to have a go at doing her op myself.

So today I have rewashed Lucy's hair to try and get it as clean as possible before starting.

Her hair is still drying but you can see where she needs new hair.

You can see from this photo it's a fair amount on the top of her head.

In this photo you can see the front looks a little like a boy's crew cut, short and tufty! I poured some very hot water on her dent and it appears to have gotten smaller, so may have another go with the kettle tomorrow!
She'll be needing her lip paint either touched up or replaced as having it only on one side does her no favours!

I have bought two length's of hair, 18 inch and 24 inch in golden ash blonde which is a very good match and you can also see the needle on one of the packets.

So I am ready to have a go at the re-rooting , I will get Paul to remove her head tonight and then I will remove all the short tufts ready to start either tonight or Sunday, as I am working tomorrow morning and having visitors over for the evening, but in truth I cannot wait to get started!!! lets hope I am not wishing I'd never started by midnight!!

I will take photo's of Lucy's and my journey into the realms of Hair transplant and show you them once the jobs complete!!



  1. You're very brave - I wish you success.
    I wouldn't know where to begin re-rooting although we did have to do a re-stringing a while back.
    Looking forward to seeing how you get on.

    1. Thanks Rosie, I don't know about Brave more like trying to save money!! I'll need to have a go at restringing too sometime!
      I'll keep reporting on my progress!

  2. Pleased to hear that you and Lucy are 'Now ready, willing and hopefully able!' So looking forward to seeing the results!
    (Her hair cut was very similar to my now wigged Gotz doll.... although mine's length was also bobbed.)

    1. Yes Kendal it's that last part I'm worried!! I figure if worst comes to worst, she'll land up wigged!!
      I love your little gotz wigged girl!
      Dee x

  3. Sooo brave. I did try once but I found the existing holes too small and the vinyl too hard to do it well. Are you supposed to heat the vinyl as you go? I might try again with one of Ellie's kids but use the needle method this time. Like so many things, I know the theory but the practice is another thing!

    Good luck (no, not yOU Dee, I'm talking to Lucy! lol).
    Jenni xx

    1. Foolish more like! I think you can heat the vinyl if it get hard to push the needle through!
      Lucy thanks you for your good luck wishes, she'd reply herself but she does not know where her heads gone!! :)
      D xx

  4. All the best Dee!! I so admire your determination and Lucy is sure to benefit. I am looking forward to watching you take Lucy through this transformation. :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, It's always worth trying ! :)xxx

  5. Good luck Dee, I know you can do it, if I can, then you defnitely can! I am glad you were able to get a good match for her hair, that is what I struggled with when trying to do my blong Gotz Lyric. Her hair was a very 'dirty' blond and I just couldn't find anything remotely similiar. Keep blasting that head with warm air from the hairdryer (hers, not YOURS!) and you'll lessen the pain in your hands.
    I look forward to seing your progress!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Lucy's hair is a dirty looking blonde too, I'm hoping that this hair will look ok with it, I'll add a few plugs through the head to hopefully bring it all together!! It's amazing how I can just type that like I know what I'm doing!!! lol
      Thanks for the hairdryer tip !
      hugs Dee xx