Sunday, 27 July 2014


Where does the time go? Such plans I have when I get up in the morning and without noticing suddenly the lights fading or the clouds have arrived and nothing's been done!!

Is it just me? or does everyone suffer from these runaway weekends? It does not help at present that it's so hot but thats really just an excuse! :) I can show you  lists I have made the night before of things to do and I'm lucky if two have been achieved !

Last week, we were trying to book a week away , it took three hours one evening of looking at holiday cottages in the area we wanted to visit, then another evening of an hour whittling them down to two with a break of an hour or so before we settled on the one we booked!! There are three of us going, my daughter Lindsey included, but still three people and at least five hours to book one cottage for a week!!!

Take today I had decided that I needed to get a few things done before I attack any more Sasha's hair problems. So what did I actually achieve...some hoovering, some tidying and that's it!!

What happened to the photo's for the story rattling around in my head for the blog? or the clothes I was going to sort out to sell? or the trip to buy some white cotton and some acrylic paint for Lulu's lips?
and a  few other things that were meant to happen !

How is it I managed to avoid these tasks? Is age catching up with me?? If that's the case I'd best try to run faster!! Mind you If I did try to run any distance I'd be having this conversation from my hospital bed!!

But yet again another weekend is drawing to a close and just a tiny faction of what I intended to do has been done and a very large faction not!!

So tomorrow is Monday a new week! I'm going to go and write a list of all the things I want to get done by or have started by  next Monday and hopefully this time I'll have at least halved the list come next Sunday night!!
Maybe I'd best just put two things on it then it will be a doddle !! No Just kidding, It will have ten things I need to get done/ started by next Sunday night, I'll let you know what happens......



  1. Hi Dee, don't beat yourself up because you're not alone! I daren't write a list though because I'm sure nothing would be achieved. I am fortunate in that I don't have to go out to work and yet still I don't get the things done that I would like to. My main problem being the internet. I get on the laptop for "just a minute" only to find that several hours have passed in that "just a minute"!!! Now how does that happen?!!! Internet magic! But there are so many interesting things to read on here that I'm hooked. I do try to limit myself and make myself fo things that needed to be done first, but it doesn't always work! Oh well let's see how we get on this week!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Hi Sharon, It's good to know even those who don't work seems to have time run away from them! :)
      I agree about the internet , it does take up an awful lot of time, reading emails, checking all the sasha sites and blogs etc, then catching up with friends etc.
      I decided not to even bother making a list until Saturday! I'm giving myself the week off!! hugs Dee xx

  2. Hi Dee
    I'm not sure whether to be sorry or to glad! Sorry that you are finding life streaking ahead or glad that I'm not the only one to struggle with time versus desire to do things.
    I'm SUPPOSED to be there's a joke! My day starts at 6 a.m. seven days a week and goes on forever. Yet, after the mother-care, cleaning, cooking, animal care and garden work, there is often not enough time to even catch up on blogs I read, never mind photograph and type stories as I'd like to...... and many of the sewing and other projects I was going to happily complete or start and finish in retirement are now on hold until I'm in my 70s or 80s or 90s or maybe in the next life, LOL.

    I thought I was being inefficient or lazy, but, after reading this post, I sat down and worked out the hours I need for the dull repettive stuff and it seems that I am into minus hours by the end of the year! Now, if you look at it like that, we are bordering on genius in getting anything done beyond the mundane chores and our essential work loads.

    Soooo.....Three cheers for dolly people, who manage to care for their dolls, make up stories (even if they are never written down), sew a little bit for them and still keep husbands and other family members fed, watered and reasonably clean and tidy and also carry out other jobs to help pay the bills.

    Talk about multi-tasking! Wow! We are wonderful!!

    1. Hi Jenni

      Your days are so busy I'm surprised you have time to sit at the computer without nodding off!!! You could use that as an excuse for pressing the by it now button by accident as you slipped into slumber!!
      I'm liking your working out of the hours and agree dolly people are a gift to society as we are the dreamers that keep the magic in the world.. :)
      Dee xx

  3. Wonderful we may be, but my typing is not. There are so many errors in the above comment..Sorry! J xx

    1. Hey don't worry typing error's are my specialty ! D xx

  4. After reading this post at around midnight yesterday (although I couldn't get into it to comment for some unknown reason) I went to bed in a much happier state when I realised that I wasn't the only one to be experiencing this kind of 'time flying by and nothing much getting done!' kind of life .....and I'm positively dancing with joy to discover this morning that two more Sasha internet collectors are in the same boat.....(though I do feel sorry for us all but it's so wonderful to feel that 'one' is not alone in these matters!)

    It is certainly not my visiting family and friends (who I dearly love to see) who are the culprits but the internet, Sasha Dolls, camera, TV and telephone that are my MAIN enemies.... as I have should complete control over these!

    Now no longer going for holidays away (preferring to stay at home along with my disability aides and occasional carer visit) I am at present on an eleven day HOME-based break from house work, main meal preparations and cooking (grazing on favourite foods as and when needed!) clothes washing, Sasha Doll play and household shopping whilst I enjoy the Commonwealth games on the TV (as I still love the sporting side of life..... although now sadly down to purely watching it.)

    Had a bit of a jolt this morning when looking at the date to realise that it is this Sunday that I am suppose to be publishing my monthly blog post (not sure now how I managed to do a weekly post or more for all those years!) not wanting to miss any of the Commonwealth excitement in the final week, plus having paid for another year of Wordpress blog space, I have asked my Sashas if they will do the honours for this month. Hoping that they will come up with the goods! At the very least it will stop them feeling neglected and bored!

    Finally many thanks to you all here the 'uplifting of my guilty time wasting spirit'.... from Kendal who is now back to watching the sport on the TV with a clear consience!

    1. Glad it cheered you up Kendal! I can just see you dancing round the room in delight that we are all in the same boat! of time running by , while we ..think ..about what we should be getting on with , while actually doing something totally different and not at all productive!

      I'm sure your Sasha's will save you from a panic re your monthly Sunday post.

      I hope you are enjoying all these wonderful gold medals we are getting!
      Dee xx