Friday 4 July 2014


and cannot wait to make her début on the village blog and she is so pretty that I have given in and taken lots of photo's for her.

She came in her best dress, wanting to make a good first impression!

She is a ponytail Gotz slate eyed Sasha with a very pouty look about her !

After a refreshing wash she was ready for a few photo's.

Mimi is my birthday present from me to me!!

The sun was shining and she was happy posing.

She had not had her ponytail down in such a long time, the elastic had perished under her ribbon and she was pleased to have some freedom for a little while.

She has lots of lovely brunette hair.

A sweet looking girl.

She is wearing a beautiful Vintage Sasha button smock set in a gorgeous deep purple with Jean Jensen shoes all of which were given to me by Kendal for my birthday, a fabulous gift for which I truly thank her.

She looks a little tired but wants to have a photo with one of her new sisters.

Simone who is also wearing a purple dress joins Mimi.

A closer look at the two girls.

I love these two purple dresses together they complement each other beautifully.

I'm thinking purple's and green's would be good colours for the summer wear in the village, along with the beautiful batik dresses.



  1. Loving her pouty and somewhat determined look. She looks as if she could well be giving Hattie a 'run for her money' now and then.
    Particularly like when her hair is released from her pony tail as it falls beautifully around her face.
    Enjoy many happy times together.

    1. She does have just a pout on her!! Looks like she'd tell you whats what without a second thought! She'll get on like a house on fire with Hattie who is just the same!! I love that she looks good with or without the ponytail, a lovely incomer to the Village !

  2. What a lovely girl she is Dee, I admired her when I saw her previously on Sarahs blog and loved her pouty face. I am glad you were able to snap her up from Shelly, and bring her home to the Village....she looks like she's settling in well. Her outfit from Kendal, is really nice, and the colour suits her perfectly.
    She also looks really great with Simone in her pretty Michelle made've certainly had a super dolly birthday week!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thanks Sharon, she is lovely and I am so glad I decided to ask for her, she's one of those Sasha's that look even better in the 'flesh'! The Purple outfit could have been made for her!! it looks so good.
      I love Simone in Michelle's dress, all in all a lovely week of treasures!
      Hugs Dee xxx

  3. She is soooo lovely - I love her hair. She looks much ore comfortable in her purple outfit.
    Congratulations, Dee!
    Jenni xx

    1. Thank you Jenni, she is a little darling and the purple suits her to a T !
      Dee xx

  4. Dee, she is truly lovely!!! Having studied the photos carefully, I have fallen in love with her. Didn't think I would, ha ha, but there it is! Yet another person under the spell of the Goetz Sashas? Well, maybe! The purple outfit suits her beautifully. She has such a cute, tiny little face. You lucky girl! xxx

    1. Thanks Karin, she is a darling and so is your new red haired Slate eyed girl, so beautiful !
      I think we are both slipping down this slope together!! hugs Dee xxx

  5. Lovely girl Dee! She is just beautiful in the purple dress and shoes from Kendal. What fantastic birthday gifts!!! What a great way to celebrate by adding a new girl to your family!!! :) xx

    1. Thank you Ginger, She is gorgeous and the purple perfect on her! I have had a great birthday with these two new girls and the outfits ! :) xxx