Thursday, 24 July 2014


Well I dipped or should say placed Ava's torso in boiling water for a few seconds and it removed the caving a treat!

and here it is looking all full and upright!

I tied the string to the leg holes so that I could put it in and out of the boiling water easily .

some re rooting at the front but I am deciding if I should remove all the shorter cut lengths or root between ?

A little peek at her face...



  1. How clever are YOU then? Ava''s looking really lovely with her newly re-rooted front row fringe.

    1. Thanks Kendal :) She is now finished and it's just a case of re stringing her tomorrow!!!
      Lets hope it works!!

  2. Ava looks a little glum, poor girl! I love the way you perch the girs' heads in a mug - they look like boiled eggs waiting to be eaten by somebody who doesn't mind a bit of hair in their protein!

    You've made a great job of re-rooting her, a great colour match as well as a neat job.

    How did you find the reassembly after you finished last time? Did you restring or just use the existing cord? I suppose Ava will need new, slightly longer cord, to avoid her torso buckling again.

    You'll soon be out of the Village Clinic and restored to your early glory, Ava!
    Jenni x

    1. Glum! She looks shy! Not sure about being seen without the rest of her!!
      I musy say I did buy another colour brown not being sure this colour was best but then of course decided to go with this my first choice!! Chocolate brown!
      I used the existing cord last time as it looked new and it was reasonably easy only a little struggle. But Ava's string is no good and too tight , so I am going to try restringing the English way.
      Hopefully she'll be back to her former self by tomorrow evening!

      Dee xx

    2. You are so brave! I'm cowardly when it comes to operationg on Sashas, though I was restringing my own babies by the time I was 6 or so - it was so much in easier in the days of hooks and elastic bands begged from the postman!

      As to Ave feeling shy about being seen without the rest of her - it's the rest of me that I try to hide.. could I stand my head in one of your mugs and dispose of the less than eligant torso, please?

    3. I used to be worried about operating on Sasha's but it's a little like riding a bike once you do it you are happier doing it again!
      You could try standing your head in a mug but it would be a right performance when you wanted to move about!! :)

  3. Great work Dee! I really must do my Natterer, I did do her once before but her chest started to cave back in again quite quickly....I have not idea why!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thanks Sharon. Yes you should do the poor natterer lol , I'm going to restring Ava the English way so as to help her not re cave once she's back together!
      Hugs Dee xx

  4. I love your posts showing and explaining the spa treatments. How lovely to follow your steps! :) xx