Saturday 1 October 2016


The 1st October , only three months until the end of the year! Goodness! But lets move on from that info , it's doll shelves day.

Lucky for us a few are still kindly sending in their doll shelves to share with us.

Round at Ursula's they are admiring their new stove ! The perfect size for her girls and boys to whip up some food!

However her boys are too busy trying to get outside in their shorts before the weather cools and they have to start wearing long trousers and sweaters! Plus new girl Ronja is insisting on hanging out with the lads.

Some of her other girls still keep to summer clothes.

While one does not want to be catch out by a cold spell and is already into the long sleeves.

Karin's girls are getting ready for their photo shoot.

What a lovely line up they make these Trenden lasses.

Joined by their Gotz's sisters they pose for the October shelf photo.

I'll have to add my photo's tomorrow, I'm afraid as I've been busy doing things re the house plus today is Paul's birthday.
The Chat n Snap will soon be here, just hope I get my act together in time!!! I've listed a few dolls I wish to sell on my sales page and more dolls and things will be added as time allows.

So to everyone with a birthday this month, I hope you get all you wish for and have a lovely day with family and or friends.

SORRY for the delay in updating with all the wonderful doll shelf photos sent in but we had a technical issue in that we accidentally cut off our phone and internet and had to get ourselves back online! That's what happens sometimes when you are doing diy :) so here are all the fab photos that arrived over the weekend.

Here are some of Jenny's Gotz kids down on the farm in Wales.

The lovely Rosie in Ireland send us her girls modelling this weeks knits and skirts available on ebay.

Meanwhile Ronny's gang seems to have grown on that shelf this month!

Over in the US, Ellen Church's children are getting into warmer cloths.

Some still happy not to wear a sweater.

Have these two fallen out? or are they having a quiet discussion on the weather?

Ellen c's girl showing us her gorgeous sweater

This pair are not feeling the chill at all! But making us feel cosy in their red clothing.

I'm afraid chaos reins on the Village shelves at present, hopefully all will be care by next month!

At least my LD girls found something to wear and a name , Shelby.

Still time to add more photo's , we always come back again to see whats happening on those shelves.

Many Thanks to everyone who kindly sent in their shelve photos. and my apologies for taking a few days to get them on.



  1. Many thanks to you both for sending in these great photos for us to admire.
    They are just super and that little cooker is just super and the perfect size.
    I must apologise for not still sending in any contributions from here, apart from the first two months, but am still feeling very unwell. A case of 'the mind is willing but the body is weak!'

    A very happy birthday to Paul and everyone else who has an October birthday and thanks again Denise for this much looked forward to monthly Sasha Fix!

    1. More apologies for the 'just super' repeat in one of the sentences...just goes to show that NO proof reading was done once again. Should have read...They are delightful and that little cooker....

    2. Not a problem ,it's hard for me to get my act together sometimes and I am in good health.there are more photos to be added but I am having technical problems at moment!but hope to be able to add them tomorrow

  2. I love seeing dolly shelf photos....thank you so much to those that send them in. And happy Birthday to Paul too!

    1. Me too. There are quite a few more to be added but cannot get onto computer to do them until the Internet access as been sorted on there.only have iPad access at moment and that's not good for editing the blog!

  3. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my nearly twin and a huge thank you to you both - you know why! Jenni xxxxxxxxx

  4. Wonderful shelf photos and it is so nice to see the outfits changing for cooler weather. Thanks Dee for posting them! :) xxx