Wednesday 26 October 2016


The Jamboree !

Some of the Cubs had brought along their handmade wooden canoe , one of the guides was discussing just where the nearest river was, so they could go for a paddle!

Lots of the girl scouts stood around the picnic table waiting to see what was coming up for lunch! A little Rainbow and her helper also came along to see just what those bigger kids get up to at a jamboree!

Hattie kept a close eye on all that was happening ready to defuse any trouble or squabbles! Laura along with mini cub scout Clemence  assisted her.

Some of the brownies took notes on what was going on for their magazine, The Guiding Light and had  a typewriter ready to dash off a hot news story!

"Whats this? is someone after the Bear Cub??? "

The Milton Keynes Brownie troop were trying to get people to guess the name of the bear , however they set their stall down right in the middle of the Brown Owl circle ! " Guess the bears name !" called one of the MK brownies
"Toast " said one of the Village Brownies sitting in the circle
"What sort of a names that? " asked the MK brownie
" Well it's what you'll all be if you don't move your table out of this circle! "
One of the MK Guides fainted at that point ! While the others grumbled and gathered up their table muttering.. " really you only had to say "
" I quite like the name Toast for the bear " muttered another

At last the MK Bletchley troop moved and the circle was complete . So the girls wondered what happens now? They were all quite new to being brownies , the owl on the toadstool looked back
" Did that owl just shrug his shoulders.. I mean wings? " demanded Claudia
" Sorry I was daydreaming " said another brownie " can Owls shrug? "
The Owl said nothing.....

The MK Bletchley troop were discussing when to announce the winner of the name the bear competition but were arguing as to whether Toast was a bonafide entry !

The Jamboree was buzzing with the sound of youngsters chatting and enjoying meeting up and swapping stories.

 a few more photos.

Clemence the one and only CUB scout attending....

We even had a Studio Brownie and a Course girl Brownie in attendance !

Hattie would like to thank all those who gathered up their Brownies, Cubs, Scouts and Rainbows to attend the Chat N Snap Jamboree.

Such well turned out children a joy to see.



  1. I hope you did not show this post to Mossy or he will be demanding to know why he didn't get a Cub Scout necktie so he could attend too.

  2. Dib dib dib......wonderful post and wonderful outfits...congratulations to all who attended all look fab!

  3. Well! It certainly looked as if it was all happening over there! WE here even had a Brownie uniform at the ready but was obviously NOT to be!

  4. A great post Dee. I so enjoy seeing the Sashas dressed in their scout uniforms and the wee bear Clemence too. Thank you! :) xxx

  5. I thought that Jamboree display was simply AMAZING! Everytime I went back to look at it, I saw something new. Thank you so much for the photos as I didn't have a decent camera with me so didn't get any pictures that were worth sharing.
    It really was just amazing!

  6. Looks like a wonderful Jamboree, doesn't it! Everyone appears to have had a great time, loads of fun.