Sunday 30 October 2016


At the Chat n Snap I admired a Sasha that Chris M was selling but told her I was no in the market to buy dolls at the moment. I'd taken along a couple of dolls for the adoption table, a bit of a last minute rush.
Near the end of the afternoon, Chris approached with the Sasha I'd admired and suggested a swap with one of the dolls I was selling. Both dolls were the same price, so I thought why not !

And that's now this young girl, a Unisex Gotz came to travel home with me, while my no navel waif Agnes went home with Chris.

So this is Erica

Yes she is a girl , although Valentine Tells me he'll be quizzing her once he gets the chance!

So to make Erica welcome a new outfit was in order and so finally I got to use the dresses I bought from the SCW back in May!  Cold Enough at last to redress some of the girls who'd not gone to the Chat n Snap ready for the coming winter.

I took the photo's inside to start with then decided it was nice enough to go outside for a photo shoot, so first up are a few inside shots.

Here is Jenny in rose pink and brown.

Magda in grey with a splash of green

Yes , thank you Magda we've seen you already..

Magda! enough! Oh I see you intend to do some modelling when you are older so need the practice!

Meredith in blue

Callie rocks the purple.

Belle in black and gold

Erica in Pink.

so outside we all went..

So now we can see Jenny's Rose and brown outfit by Petrana ,which she's matched with a pair of Lisa Hartley boots.

Jenny is my 68 side part waif .

Next up is Magda in a Grey with a tiny splash of green outfit also by Petrana and boots again by Lisa Hartley. I also own a grey pair, so wondering if she'd look better with the grey boots?

 Magda Button aspiring model !

Next up is Belle in another Petrana outfit and LH boots.

Belle wants to be a writer of children's books.

Belle always takes a good photo !

Meredith in blue my 68 single fringe waif.

For a while Meredith considered leaving us but yesterday decided she wants to stay in the village with her brothers and sisters.

 Calico Kate is also wearing Petrana and LH boots , Callie was one of the first Gotz I ever bought , so as been here a good few years.

The sweet Callie close up.

 and New girl Erica , a Gotz unisex who is a girl wearing another Petrana outfit and LH boots.

I hope Valentine does not 'change' her mind!

So all the Gotz girls together in their new Petrana outfits.

a closer view.

and the 68 Trendon girls together in their Petrana outfits.

 a closer view.

 and them all together looking nice and bright and cosy.

I hope you've enjoyed this Sasha full post :) and have a lovely Sunday.



  1. Bet that you've enjoyed this wonderful play today with your Sasha Dolls! Must have been a nice change from recently working on your house renovations...although everything, including your dolls, are looking much the warmer for it with Winter now fast approaching!
    (Looks like you had a SUPER shop at the SCW (with everything now being put to good use) in spite of your money wallet being locked back in your bedroom!)
    Looking forward later on to seeing the GREY boots with the grey outfit as that would probably be my first choice.

    1. I have Kendal :) especially as I've had a cold since Tuesday, so a lazy day doll playing was allowed. I've now given my cold to Paul, kind wife that I am!
      A couple of outfits I bought after the SCW. I knew you'd want to see those grey boots on! Tomorrow :)

  2. I've spent today painting the double garage door, priming the side door and back doors to the house and swept up some leaves so it is great to get back into the warm and settle down to this feast of TRENDON lovliness...notice I didn't mention anything about the GOTZ!! Oh, okay then...hello to your latest inmate Erica...

    1. Is that all? what did you do in the afternoon? lol So very commendable.
      See I knew you'd need a Trendon fix after all the effort and of course a Gotz chaser :) What's this! saying hello to a Gotz! Have you been standing too close to the paint fumes?

  3. Congratulations on the dolly trade. I got one of my favourite BJD’s via a dolly trade myself.
    I think Erica is rather pleased with the swap too…..look at all the new clothes she has already got to wear! Good luck with the Valentine meet-up though, I am interested in hearing what happens then!!!

    And I am really impressed how the addition of woolly tights and a scarf and a hat makes these dresses jump into another season (Jane makes notes)
    What a fun Sasha Sunday post!

    1. Thanks Jane, It's the first one I've done with a Sasha. She does seem pleased, mind you she's not met Valentine yet !

      It's amazing isn't it! Just those little twists can make a whole different look. :)

  4. What a lovely bunch of girlies you have there Dee and all so beautifully dressed for the colder weather. I also love dolly trades, they are so much fun :) a new doll without any money changing hands.
    I need to get some more of my girls and boys ready for winter, as most of them are still wearing summer clothes and some, dare I say it, are NAKED!!!!! Poor things.
    I need to make some tights for my girls, maybe I will do that this week as I have a lot of socks and knit fabric. :)
    PS Belle is my all time favourite of your Trendon girlies, I have to say it!

    1. Thanks Sharon. The weather is still quite warm? for the end of October will be interesting to see what November's got in store for us!
      A doll swap is a good way to get another doll without costing anything and making a change.
      Why am I not surprised some are NAKED!! lucky you live in a warmer climate or we'd have to send social services in with some blankets and warm soup!
      Yes make the poor kids some socks and tights, it's not lke you've not got oodles of fabric just sitting about! ;)
      Belle would look good in a sack ! lol but only a quality sack... ;) xxx

  5. A lovely and colorful post Dee! I love Petrana's beautiful outfits on your girls with tights and fabulous boots! I remember your happy smile while helping out at Petrana's table at the SCW. You made great choices!

    I also love your swap newbie Erica. What a dear girl and so pretty in pink! Maybe Chat and Snap could be called Chat and Snap and Swap? Nice photos of them in groups too which is so nice to see! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) it was nice to finally take them out the packets and put them on the girls, I do love the fabric's that Petrana uses. I could have bought so much from her table I'm surprised I've not been eating beans on toast since May!
      Erica is a sweet and defo a girl.... I hope :)
      I do love to take group photo's of the Sasha's , it just adds a little extra seeing them all together. :) xxx

  6. Such gorgeous girls and lovely outfits. Your unisex definitely looks like a girl to me, but at least she hsd a name ready to lose a letter if necessary. Erica is the name of my win at last years CnS so she sends a special hello.
    Hope the cold shifts soon, for both of you x

    1. Thanks Tricia. I'm glad you agree she looks like a girl and yes the name would lend it's self should she suddenly want to become he!
      Hello back to Erica in Surrey.
      Thanks, I'm's getting better and Paul's also seems to be too! xx

  7. Erica seems happy enough being a girl - and all your girls are gorgeous in their new outfits.
    It's great Meredith chose to stay in the Village. She is such an attractive girl. She looks stunning in blue!

    1. I agree I think she seems happy to be a girl ! :) and my girls say thank you for saying they look gorgeous.
      It is lovely that Meredith is staying but she does have a wanderlust about her... and yes that blue does look good on her!

  8. Yes, the uni kids tell you outright if they are male or femle. Of course, they may change their minds between one set of parents and the next, when theyare re-adopted, but that's p to them.
    Erica is lovely. It is greatthat Val has a sister who looks a little like him. myownuni twins may have to be seperated, but I am trying not to sell ither as they are so sweet (yes, Queenie, they ARE sweet, are't they Dee?)

    All your girls look fab in their autumnal gear. Did Val cast acritical eye over them, just to make sure they were ready for their modelling asignment? I always imagine him standing beide you,o advise as the girls' outfits are decided upon. Ineed his helptoo ---Which girl has the best outfit in this post, Valentine?

    1. They sure do and I was glad that when I first saw her she looked back at me with a serene look rather than a save me look!
      Val is looking forward to quizzing her.. I hope she passes!

      Thanks the girls do look good in their Petrana clothes, Val is always sticking his oar in!... I mean he's always telling me how much better they could look if I did this or that or bought this item or that! and sometimes I even listen to him !
      Valentine will be giving a masterclass in fashionable clothes at the weekend.. make a note in your diary!