Thursday 20 October 2016


Well it's been a busy week this week. I've been working and also had to go on a two hour training course in Borehamwood on Tuesday , so also out and about.

I have been getting some lovely donations towards the Chat n Snap from the wonderfully generous Sasha family. I hope to share a few more photo's tomorrow on the Chat n Snap webpage. Greg the Raffle doll is at the moment trapped in a cupboard, as I moved another one in front of it without checking and so tomorrow first thing is helping him escape ready to be adopted on Saturday!

In the meantime we've been continuing to work on the house and the plumber returned on Wednesday and finished fitting the downstairs cloakroom and the waste pipe in the Utility room.

So toilet, basin and radiator all now in and connected.

Unfortunately we still need to go out and buy a couple of doors, one for here and one for Utility.

Paul told me the grout he'd bought was a Portland grey and now it's dried out it is !

I have to say it's lovely coming home and seeing things have happened! Although being a bossy boots I also like to be around in case someone makes the wrong decision ! lol

Paul gave the Utility room two coats of white paint but we stopped because we thought we may have a problem with damp! But it appears to just be us trying to rush things and not giving the very  deep plaster that had to be put on down in the left hand corner time to dry out properly! we'd put a small bar heater in there and it appears that it dried the surface plaster but not the heavier infill that he'd had to use to replace a big section about an inch thick that had fallen off when we removed the tiles etc.
So we left well alone all week and it's now drying out naturally.

And not only a lovely almost finished toilet something wonderful, well to me, arrived today as well !

Lovely BIG packaging containing our new front door and it's frame! So we will be able to get this sorted and make the new hall area protected from the weather with is starting to be wetter and colder now.

Due to the Chat n Snap we'll have to 'rest' this weekend but it's great to know that they are here and we can get these on and get the plasterer back to render the outside and plaster the inside, all work we don't have to do ourselves but that will make a big difference to making the house look less like a building site!

So get ready for a Sasha doll fest coming up this weekend.



  1. We're looking forward to the Chat n Snap, Laura is ready in her new vintage hand made Girl Guide uniform, my camera is prepared and the others who are coming are deciding what to wear. Your home improvements are definitely coming along nicely.

  2. See for Laura's uniform.

  3. Oooh,so much progress. you must be sooo tired with all ths, working and the C'n'S to organise - whilst I lay in my bed here all day doing nothing.
    Wishing you and all who attend, a WONDERFUL DAY at the C'n'S. Jxxxx

  4. Have a FANTASTIC TIME at the CnS....and don't forget we want loads of pictures...especially of the sales tables and raffle prizes :)

  5. Looking like all the home improvements are very nearing completion.
    Hope that you all have a wonderful CnS! I shall certainly miss seeing you again.
    (Have lined up a few little enjoyable tasks for me to do in the hope that these will stop me feeling sad and sorry for myself with not being able to attend this year!)