Sunday 23 October 2016


I thought I'd start with the very well laden-ed sales tables as I know that's the part you all really want to see. So here we go!

First up we have a Passion for Sasha with lots of lovely new fabrics!

more from Ginny's

Jane Woodwards lovely table of beautiful knits.

More of Jane's ,I did purchase an Item or two from this table.

just around from Jane was Ruth and Lisa Hartley's sales table.

lots to chose from here  

Some of Ruth's dresses.

Then next we have Diane Dukes lovely knits.

Then we have Judith of Dolly Doodles, lots to choose from here.

and more

so many lovely things, I did mention I may have to ban her next year! Purely in the interests of being able to still have some money left for food!! 

hoodles of Doodles..

then round to Jane Woodbridge/ Denham's lovely knits.

Jane also had a few accessories for the dolls..

Next was Janet Myhill Dabbs, beautiful outfits 

more from Janet.

Then we had Brneda Walton's table of Original Sasha items, Brenda having worked in the Trendon Factory in Stoke on Trent for those of you who don't already know.

lots of Original items at fair prices

love that pile of hats!

Then we had Marilyn Hopkiss with her wonderful smocked dresses.

More of Marilyn's


Back round to Ginny of A Passion for Sasha,





Ginny' T's

Ginny's, I love the fabric's on the two blue blouses.

Next up is Michelle of Delectable Delights, loads of fabulous tights and trousers,

Her cropped trousers for Sasha's also fit the baby's as full length trousers and the Wichtel dolls!
She was also selling lovely little necklaces for the Sasha's.

more from Michelle

Then Susan B- L with her table of Sasha sizes accessories

more accessories.

Chris Meatyards Table of goodies.

Chris was selling Fabric's , wool and patterns suitable for making dolls clothes.

Dawn Law's was up next selling on a few of her Dolls.


more of Dawn's.

Gayle Rotheim opened up her shoe shop next to dawn.

More of Gayle's shoes.

Well as you can see a Sasha shoppers paradise! Loads to chose from.

If anyone is interested in anything They have seen , just email me , my emails on my sales page and I'll forward your email on to the seller in question.



  1. Such wonderful Sasha temptations and all under one roof! How could one resist? Bet that most collectors went home penniless! I know I would have been as my Sasha resistance is always LOW!
    I obviously 'got through' not being there yesterday as I'm here now but forgiveness for not being able to attend this fantastic event this year (due to this ongoing illness) will NOT be easily forthcoming!

  2. Wonderful post Dee! The tables are fantastic!!! Very, very lovely Sasha items and in great abundance! I wish I could have been there and look forward to your other posts. Thank you for sharing with us! :) xxx

  3. Great post Dee and there was certainly a lot to choose from. I really loved Michelle's necklaces and bought quite a few x

  4. Oh - my - God!!! What a cornucopia of delights, Dee!!! What have I missed! Fabulous selection! Surely some of it must be left over and might make it's way onto the Sasha Bazaar FB site! Utterly brilliant. Great photos, too. Wonderful post. Looking forward to the next lot. you have worked very hard!!! Great success, as usual. xxx

  5. Brilliant post Dee!! Such a delight to see the fantastic selection on sale...hope those who went yesterday are enjoying beans on toast for the rest of the month :)

  6. BEANS on TOAST, Queenie??? They can only afford a smear of margerine on stale bread if they did the Chippy Snip sellers justice.
    Looks as though you had a great day, Dee. Congratulations on another wonderful event. J xxx
    PS Wish I could have snapped up Brenda's little blond lad in the Russian-look Sew-it-yourself outfit, but dollies are departing, not arriving at Bryn Derw - sob, sob.

    1. You're probably right Jen.. I was been over generous with the beans on toast meal suggestion :) But what wonderful things on offer...huge thanks to Dee for taking the photos of them as it is nearly like being there!!

  7. Who needs food when there are so many lovely Sasha items to choose from? Thank you for sharing, Dee - wish I could have been there - my girls think so too, they are very upset they didn't get any of those wonderful shoes!
    (No idea why they are so shoe crazy, since I am certainly not!)
    I'm looking forward to your following posts!

  8. Thanks for all of the photos! Took a stroll around all of the sales tables to decide what I would have chosen. Such quality items and a really nice selection. If I had been there it would have been really hard to decide. The raffle prizes look amazing. Congratulations to the winners. Looks like everyone had a great day together. Well done Dee; very well done indeed!!!

  9. There was such a great choice, i overspent of course, thank heavens it's my birthday soon, so i can say 'look Ray, this is what you bought for me' ;-)
    Thanks Dee for a great day x

  10. Such a lot of lovely lovely goodies to spend money on, oh I so wish I could have gone again this year! I love so many of the things that it is probably best that I wasn't able to attend because I'd have been incredibly tempted by so many things and completely broke after that lot!!