Sunday 16 October 2016


Well this time next week The Sasha Chat n Snap will be over for another year. I'd like to say that I am totally ready and will be just sitting back and waiting for the day to arrive! However that is not the case and I shall no doubt be doing my usual long day late night next Friday, gathering everything together ready for the 22nd.

The house understandably is taking up our time and due to having nowhere to actually put things is whats held up any CnS preparation but hopefully by tonight I'll have a corner I can start to place the boxes etc , so by Friday I'll only have the food shopping and a few tweaks to do and therefore avoid the late night Friday!

Now for those of you who just want to see some Sasha photos please scroll halfway through and you'll find a mixture of old photos, for the rest just carry on reading. :)

Paul's been working hard on getting the downstairs cloakroom ready for the plumber to return and put in the toilet etc.

We decided to put in some coving to give the ceiling a nice finish, we also put in a picture rail to break up the line between the ceiling and the wallpaper.

We've kept the picture rail high to allow for the extractor fan.

The lower part of the walls have been painted in Neptune's Castle.

Yesterday Paul laid the tiles and today he grouted them with a Grey grout which should lighten up once it dries. I wiped off  Hamish's paw prints from where he'd walked through the large emulsion paint lid and across the tiles!!!! 

Looking forward to seeing it once it's dried out.The tiles are called Grey Cappuccino and were on sale. 

Today we sold two narrow pine bookcases and a small pine wall shelving unit (that Paul made years ago ) and we used the money to buy three flycatcher style light shades for the hallway. 
So much easier to store until we are ready for them!

We also decided to dump the old radiator covers which also freed up more room for storing the things we do not have time to deal with while all this is going on. So finally the house can start to look less like a dumping ground and more like a home!

So on the Sasha front I have still to dress my dolls for the Chat n Snap in their brownie uniforms, so here are a few old photo's until I can find the time to take some new photo's this week.

Peter in the garden.

Paige and Ginny 

Bab's , Belle and Teddie

Caitlin in the garden


Jenny, Ragnor and Meredith.

Mabel Lucie

Olivia and Oliver

Violet and Sapphire in red!


Belle skating

Ashley in yellow

We started with Belle in the garden so I thought we'd finish with in the garden.

Here's hoping you all have a great week and some of you I'll see on Saturday and for the others I'll share a full report on here from Sunday.



  1. Good to see yet more positive progress on the house renovation front. (Wish that I could report as much done on my Sasha sorting front...but nothing what-so-ever in this department has happened in spite of another week's passing!)

    Enjoyed the Sasha Doll section!

    I wish everyone attending the CnS next Saturday a truly wonderful time. I'm so sad and disappointed that I won't be able to make it this year due to continuing health problems but will be thinking of you all and looking forward to reading and seeing all your photos.

    1. Thanks Kendal, The balls in our court so to speak, so we have to make the progress in order to get the plumber and plasterer back.
      Mines gone on the slide with everything going on here!

      I thought a few oldies but goodies would be nice to share :)

      I'm sad that you won't be able to attend the chat n Snap this year and I thank you for your support and enthusiasm over the years it's been running and it will odd not to have you set up taking fabulous photos of all the dolls. we are bound to miss something but hopefully someone else we have the photo and all will be revealed.
      I hope you are comfortable and still able to enjoy your dolls xxx

    2. I am very sad Kendal will not be at the CnS this year - it won't be the same without her and her photo studio. I shall endeavour to take lots of photos to share, especially of the Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and Rainbows in action.
      It looks like good progress is being made on your house alterations Dee, I can well understand why getting ready for the CnS this year is tricky with all the disruption.

    3. Kendal, I am so sorry that you are not able to attend the CnS this year. I hope you are feeling better and better and very, very soon. It will be so nice that we can see the photos that Dee and DollMum and others share with us. Please take care. <3 xxx

  2. Good luck with the continuing work on the house...which is looking really good by the way- and good luck also with the Chat n snap next week!!
    Hope K's health continues to improve

  3. Can I echo what Ronny said and wish you luck at the CnS and send best wishes to Kendal.
    Please can you explain - what's a fly catcher lamp shade?

  4. The construction is coming along nicely Dee and such nice gray tiles and a nice grouting job by Paul. Thank you for sharing the Sasha photos and it is always nice to see your pretty Sasha dolls and they are always so beautifully dressed.

    I hope you and everyone attending the CnS have a wonderful time! Getting together with friends and sharing Sasha love is really the best of times. I will be thinking of you all and smiling. :) xxx

  5. Ditto, Ginger!
    I will be haunting all at the C'n'S in my mind. However - wear your police helmet, Dee, because Bertie will be there and you KNOW what he's like around special clothing. The piece of flat plastic he is threatening to bring along is a fake, don't let him buy anything with it!
    J xxx

  6. I really like the grey tiles. And well done on selling the unwanted bookshelves and shelf unit too. I am really looking forward to seeing the flycatcher style light shades for the hallway now.
    And what lovely Sasha doll photos......Belle is really pretty.

  7. It's coming along really well now and I suspect you can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. I laughed out loud at Hamish walking through the paint lid...LOL...dogs and cats just like to be in the middle of everything, don't they!
    The tiles look good though and I like the colour you've chosen for the bottom of the walls.
    The Sasha and Gregor photos are great, I think my favourit of all those is the last one with Belle in the garden in her white outfit, she just looks so beautiful and really lives up to her name.
    I hope the CnS goes fantastically and wish I could be with you...alas I can't, but maybe next year!
    Big hugs xxxx

  8. PS Just read Kendal's comment that she'll not be attending the CnS for health reasons. I'm really sorry to hear that and hope that you'll be on the mend really soon and will be able to go next year instead.

  9. How you manage your paid job, DIY and Dolls is very impressive, i dont know hiw you do it all Dee. See many of you Friday or Saturday. So sorry you cant be there Kendal xx

  10. Thanks for all of the photos Dee. Love seeing all the changes!! Wonderful Sasha photos. You have a lovely family! I will really miss the Chat nSnap - seeing everyone & all of the lovely dolls. It was so nice to put names & faces together when I came two years ago. Wishing everyone a lovely day & all the very best to Kendal from far away Canada.

  11. Many thanks to you all above for your good health wishes. I am trying my very hardest to put them to the best use.
    I can't begin to tell you just how disappointed I am not to be able to make the CnS this year as I have always loved meeting up with all the wonderful visiting Sasha collectors, having a gamble on the fantastic raffle not to mention a 'giant' spend on those magnificent sales tables.
    Have a wonderful time everyone and I look forward to seeing the resulting photos.

  12. Hi Dee I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and will be bringing a couple of raffle prizes with me x