Monday 24 October 2016


The Raffle prizes.

The Gregor Raffle along with his basket of goodies.

The main raffle with the first prize Sasha on the right.

lots more was added during the day until the draw took place.

 more items

and more

 and the Gregor who was the last prize.

Petrana's Husband came all the way from Milton Keynes to deliver him in time for the draw! What a lovely man.

The raffle made £533 and wonderful total , The Sasha was won by Janet M D and the Gregor by Jane Woodward's Mum and amazingly Jane Woodward won the Gregor and his basket of clothes!

Jane's Mum Iris with her Raffle win Gregor.

Jane with her Gregor win

Janet with her Sasha prize

The three photo's above are by Alan Hitchcliff who kindly said we could use them.

In total we raised just over £1000 for Charity with my work adding another £250 once I apply, so a very good days work from everyone involved. Many thanks to all who donated money/ prizes, bought tickets etc. Without you all this would not be possible.



  1. Amazing! Well done to every one involved especially Dee!! Congratulations to the prize winners...lucky peeps :)

  2. Oh, Dee - the winners all look so happy! Ignore the bits of this morning's email that ask about all this, I should have checked Blogger first.

    Hope you have had a chance to relax after the hard work the Chat and Snap? Next year, perhaps you should have a Gotz day.....(just winding Queenie up here..)

    1. Whoa! Whoa! Jen..a G-G-Gotz way :)
      PS...Thanks for ruining my day :)

    2. You are so welcome, Your Maj!You will be pleased to know I'm selling off most of my Gotz dolls - but even more pleased that they don't seem to be very popular so there won't be lots of people blogging or posting about the ones they've bought - just me whining about the lack of sales!
      Of course, if we end up homeless, I expect their dear Auntie Ronny to give them a loving home.........

  3. Oh Jen! Sorry(?) you have to part with them and I hope they all find homes soon...but not with if you have any DOGS you want to re home I'm your girl :)

    1. You haven't met my dog - his Native American name is Stinks Like A Fox.

  4. Wonderful to raise money for charity and wonderful to see the happy faces and of the winners! Thank you Dee for the CnS and making it happen! :) xxx

  5. Now, unlike SS, I would simply adore the idea of an only GOTZ CnS!
    How wonderful would that be seeing all those most interesting Gotz facial expressions (instead of only the Frido/Trendon/Sasha Dolls Ltd with their pretty-pretty looks) under one roof?

  6. Fantastic prizes and well done to those very lucky winners!
    I think a Gotz only CnS would be fun, my girls would love an outing!!