Friday 7 October 2016


THIS...Today a couple more wallpaper samples arrived, so I stuck them to the hall in the stairwell.


I love them ALL!

Lindsey daughter number two , who lives at home at present likes the two on the right!
Paul like the first one on the right and also the second one in from the left but number four, browns and pinks is his favourite, he says it's warmer looking!
Now I do love that one which is why I sent for the sample but I don not do brown ! I'm still loving the two on the left , the first one does sing to me and looks nice and bright and the second one is also nice and bright but with more colour choice.

but then this one

does have a richness and warmth about it...but don't need a decision yet as lots of work to do elsewhere first!.


I took this photo of the shower today and it's got the window reflected in it! So it looks like it's in the shower!

I can assure you all we are not showing off our perishables to the neighbours! Paul's now plasterer boarded this wall that we insulated and it's a case of where on the list of things to do next it comes for decorating.

Proof , this is when they'd just finished fitting shower, you can see the white and black flexed insulation that we put behind shower.

We've decided to try and get the cloakroom decorated before we call the plumber back to fit the toilet, basin unit and radiator. The walls are almost dry, so we can start painting them in the next day or so. Then Paul will lay the floor tiles.
The Vinyl for the bathroom is coming on Wednesday, so there are a couple of things that will also need to be done in there before then. So a busy few days and evenings ahead.


Yesterday a parcel arrived from the lovely generous Ginger , a gift for the Raffle at the Chat n Snap, I'd thought I'd show you all on here as well as on the CnS blog site.

This gorgeous Sasha in her gingham outfit.

What a beauty and what a lovely person Ginger is for donating this girl to help raise funds for our charity.
So a little Sasha fix at the end of this post, wonder how many lasted to this point! lol



  1. Oh my goodness - hall, bathroom and Sasha eye candy all at once!
    Everything at st I's Towers seems to be coming along beautifully. Well done to you and Paul!
    Now that Sashais a REAL sweetie. If I could get the the C'n'S, all my money would go on raffle tickets to try to win her or her Gregor friend.Not long now!

    1. I am nothing if not versatile :) It is coming along nicely I am pleased to say.
      She is even more gorgeous in the vinyl, I'll be buying a few tickets myself!

  2. WOW things are really coming together now in the Sasha Village house....I like the new shower, nice and big so bums don't connect with cold tiles ;)
    The wallpapers are lovely, my two favourites would be the first on the left (I love blue and white) and then the one next to it. I'm not really into brown when it comes to furnishings either, although we have two brown leather sofas at home!
    What a gorgeous donation from Ginger, she really is incredibly generous....someone is going to be very happy. I wish I had raffle tickets!!
    Big hugs
    Sharon xxx

    1. lol, yes plenty of room for one's rear end ;) Those are the two I like best and I think it will land up being one of those, if the paper was not so expensive I'd find a place to use one of the others.
      Ginger is so very generous and kind. :) hugs xx

  3. I can't believe how fast all this is coming together. And I like the paper second in from the left the best, as I think that paper could take pictures being hung on it the best. Good luck with the deciding.
    And how generous of Ginger! Wow!

    1. Me either, just wish Paul didn't have so much now to do himself but he's a good decorator so looking forward to seeing it all start to come together.
      That's a good point about being able to hang pictures on the paper, especially as I love pictures and have so many! :)
      Exact Ginger is a wow type of person :)

    2. I have so many pictures to hang too.......and that is why I have plain wallpaper.

  4. How kind is Ginger?! What a super donation! You are doing a fantastic job...can't wait to see what paper you decide on (can't you tell Paul that the wall paper company has run out of the brown one :) )

    1. She is a darling :) Paul's doing the fantastic job , I'm helping and supervising , management don't ya know ;) or runner, you know.. can you just get me.. did you see where I left ... what do you think if we do this?...
      Although Paul likes the brown it does not really stand a chance of going in the hall... unless it's inside the cupboard! ;)

    2. That's my girl! I'm sure Paul will be over the moon to have his choice of wallpaper inside the hall cupboard!!

    3. He's refusing to look at any wallpaper until nearer the time we need it!

  5. Are you telling us you're a Gofor - go for this, go for that??
    Love all the papers - with William Morris you can't go wrong.
    I'm so relieved that you don't actually have a window in your shower. I saw on TV recently some millionaire's house where all the bathroom walls were glass - just NO
    What a kind person Ginger is - someone is going to be so very lucky.

    1. Yes that's me Gofor this and Gofor that plus I'm also a Couldya ! Could you just do this etc :)

      It's always amazes me when they show you houses with baths right by the windows with no blinds , so they can see the view! Which view are they talking about!!!! She is a lovely person :)

  6. Gosh I too can't make up my mind about those four wallpapers so obviously no use to you again. The only thing that I can suggest is that you take them with you and see what paints for the walls match up the best.
    Just adore Ginger's Sasha Doll raffle prize. I did comment on her on the Cn'S wedsite but will again say here just how wonderfully kind, thoughtful and generous Ginger is.

    1. Problem is I like them all! and would be more than happy to have the lot unfortunately I don't have enough places to use them all!
      It's a really gorgeous Sasha and I agree with everything you put about Ginger :)

  7. Gosh everyone....I have been tardy once again in reading blog posts and commenting and I am catching up today! Thank you so much for your very kind words. I hope everyone has a wonderful time at the upcomng Chat and Snap!!! I will be thinking of you all. ❤️

    Dee, I love the two wallpapers on the left the best of your samples. But they are all very nice. Good luck with your selections. It is great fun watching your projects move along towards completion. :) xxx