Friday 12 March 2021


 For Simples..up  north 

Rufus wants to know what this girl Kirsten is doing on his garden sofa!

He wants her to know that THIS area is his space ! Kirsten ignores his moaning !

Casper is checking for enemies , tells Kirsten she can sit on his side if she likes.

"Is that better " woofs Casper

"Much " Smiles Kirsten

Later they stand having a chat about life in lockdown.

Casper's sure it must be lunch time! How can he get Kirsten to go back inside before he misses out on any titbits?

I leave you with the last two photos taken whenPaul was in charge of them !

I think even Kirsten is standing to attention !


  1. Life in lockdown must be very boring for the dogs. We are allowed to walk ours, but there's no training with the dachshund club so they never meet their friends.
    Kids and dogs belong together....

    1. We can walk ours but Rufus is a gun dog and so does that training but no allowed any at the moment. Although Paul takes him out and trains him, it is not the same as having to wait while the other dogs take their turn and other people throw the dummy birds etc.

  2. This story proofs that kids and dogs are best friends!
    You are very happy to live with two such magnificent dogs!

    1. They are good friends, as long as not left alone for the dog to have a chew on them!!!
      They are beautiful dogs to live with except when they lean against me and trap me on the sofa !! lol

  3. Yay! Just seen this! Thank you Sis! Fantastic dogs and Zwergnase what more can I ask for? Thank you xx

    1. Your welcome, got to give you something to look at up there in Bonnie Scotland ! apart from the beautiful scenery that is.. :)