Sunday 7 March 2021


Well what a week it's been ! Busy busy in many ways! Firstly it was off early Monday morning to get my first vaccine against the Covid . A very well organised event, marshall's to point you in the right direction and I didn't even have to wait for more than a minute once I entered the main hall where they were doing the vaccinations before I was called over and within minutes all done and heading back out to the car!

My reaction was a sore arm where the injection happened but only if I leant again it and some light headedness for a couple of days, which was pretty much how it effected Paul when he had his. However on the day of the injection my bad arm was very painful , so I believe it found my weakest point and effected it.

I'm pleased to have finally had it and had no issues about having it. It won't stop me from continuing to be careful , socially distance and wear a mask but it does make me feel that if I were to be unfortunate and catch it, I hopefully won't die from it!

Not much happening house or garden wise at present, needs to warm up a bit more to really start working on the garden.

But I have asked Paul to make me something for the dolls and i'll share more about that when and if  it happens!

 Valentine was quick to change into the new shirt now that the Paprika coloured cords had arrived from Ginny.

He was able to do so because my doll sales went very well last week and on Alexander who was wearing the shirt was one of the eight dolls sold and therefore went back into his original outfit for his journey.

The cull of dolls is increasing with a few more Sasha's going up for adoption along with a variety of non Sasha dolls. I have sold several quite big dolls from my Zwergnase collection and it's surprising just how much more space there now is .

Despite keeping loads of boxes and bubble wrap etc from dolls I have received , I will soon be scrabbling about for boxes and packaging but I'm not complaining as it means that sales are going well and space is appearing and I may actually be able to see everything.

However a Sasha I had bought before my .....dolls must go.....spring clean , did arrive this week and I'll share her in the coming week. 

 I need to go and finish taking photos of dolls for adoption along with other items that can also go, plus pack up some more who have sold.

So I will wish you all a very happy healthy doll filled week ahead 



  1. So pleased to hear that you have had your first COVID shot!

    1. Thank you. I hope you both get yours soon.

  2. Thank you. you may not have long to wait as they have now announced that the 56 to 59 are now to start getting their letters, so it will depend how many are in that group as to when yours will arrive but hopefully not too long now !
    It is nice to see all the space appearing mind you I need to start on all the props to really make some room!
    Yes I so hope Paul will start on my request soon!!

  3. It's clever to stay careful, even though you probably won't die from COVID now; I believe it's an illness no one wants. My mum got an appointment at last!!! For next week! Well she's eighty, so this was in fact incredibly slow. I don't think I'll get mine earlier than August... so Paul will certainly be much much quicker with his/your project.
    Valentine never give up this shirt, you look smashing!

    1. I do think it's needed and I'll not be rushing out like all is well! I agree it's not something even with the vaccine anyone would want to get.
      I am so glad to hear that your mum is finally going to get her vaccination! and if you are having to wait until August Paul may well have finished my project well before then!
      Valentine ' who I believe to be a peacock, is unlikely to give up that shirt or trousers any time soon, if ever !