Thursday, 25 March 2021


 Well now it's time for a big change in the Sasha Doll Studio ! At present it looks like this ..

This area is going to be completely changed. The white display cabinet will move directly across the room to go beside the other bigger cabinet and next to the door.The shelves to the side will be removed .

This big cabinet will be moved about three inches to the left, the coloured drawers moved and the white cabinet from first photo moved to where the colored drawers were.

Originally I was going to move the central unit to under the open space between the other two units that at present is just full of plastic boxes but now I'm going to put this unit on the left of the studio where the smaller white cabinet was standing .

The whole place will have a good clean and hoover , getting rid of any spiders etc. By moving the central unit to the left hand side I will be able to now set it up as the shop. It is the only space big enough to take the shop front without removing the upper shelf along the back and taking out either the Kitchen and or the living room which I don't want to change.

Well I set to moving what needed moving !

Both cabinets are now together.

At the moment all the boxes are here, but I wanted to put the centre unit here, however it is supporting the other units at present, so I need to have a think about it.

I took this photo from outside the window to show the shop front sitting on the centre unit , straight ahead is the kitchen area that is at present still covered in other items from the move around. All the bags and boxes in front on the floor need sorting out and putting away .

View of tearoom set up from the side 

View of shop in place, not a lot of space between front and back, also the back board is not high enough to block out the area behind.So more thinking needed to try and solve problems.

The centre worktop is not really giving enough room for inside the shop, unless I remove the front after taking the photos that are needed then taking the inside photos but that front is heavy and would be a pain to have to move and then put back, so we could attach a drop down add on to the worktop and lift that up when needing more room, so at present I'll be having a think about best way to achieve my goal while sorting and putting away all the things sitting about in bags and boxes.

Any suggestions will be considered ... and I've already suggested an extension to the Studio and the look was chilly... lol


  1. An extension to the studio was the first thing that came in mind when I saw the photos.
    Love the potted plant in the tea room!

    1. I keep being tempted to move to the workshop further down the garden because it's about five foot longer but it's much older and maybe not quite as wide.... but I may look into it.... now if I could replace it with another cabin like this one but bigger, I'd be down there like a rocket !!! lol
      The pot is a little antique one from the 1880's that I put a fake plant in :)