Wednesday, 24 March 2021


 Of course I could not resist having a little play with the shop even though the front window area is not finished and Granny's sign is still unwritten.

I set it up as a tea room and took several photos with different dolls.

Beatrice and Valentine are going to stop for tea.

Beatrice wants a nice slice of walnut cake but Valentine is planning on having a full cream tea !

Beatrice leads the way , looking for the best table.

There is a nice big table just waiting for them !

Here are a couple of photos of the other dolls I placed with the shop.

A couple of my Lynne and Michael Roche dolls, who have moveable joints , so could sit and have tea.

Two of my A girl for all time dolls dressed in Regency costume.

So what did I learn while playing, the backboard needs to be higher because you can see the cupboard tops behind and with it on this unit/worktop there is not a lot of space behind the shop front.

Now of course I wish I'd added another five foot when I ordered my studio.. lol.


  1. It looks absolutely amazing. What a labor o love.

  2. Wonderful! It makes me want to join them.
    But, Valentine, after a full cream tea you'll need some exercise, else your trousers won't fit any more.

    1. Wouldn't it be nice if we could !
      Valentine is one of those people who can eat what they like and done gain a pound! So lucky !!

  3. Thank you :) looks of possibilities :)