Tuesday, 30 March 2021



Just how many boxes does a doll collector need?  In my case it would appear loads!! But I need to massively reduce these stacks of large boxes.

Alas some will not be easy or quick to reduce, due to holding lots of balls of wool and fabric. Which will require the contents knitted up or made up and also not acquiring more! I may have to take the biggest box of wool into the house and start making things ,while I'm sitting down in the evening.

Of course half the boxes are hidden behind the box trees! but there are four piles.

and some are doubled up !

Idea's were had and then discounted , but others were good enough to put into practice. One that had to be discounted was moving the small pine cupboard into the small gap left in the long row of units. The cupboard was 26 inchs wide and the gap 25 and 3/4 ! 

So I decided to put two of the small units, that had sat on top of the worktop ,in the gap. Of course we could only find the feet for one, so one is in and the other we will need to buy feet for.

I then decided to put the bookcase on top of the small pine cupboard as it was exactly the same size. This ,even if I so say myself,  was a good idea as now the books are at a lovely height when looking for a book. It also allowed for a few small boxes to be placed on top.

Still lots to do ! But I should be finished by the beginning of next month ! :)


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