Monday, 29 March 2021



The start of the day full shelves.

Both top and bottom full due to removal of side shelves when cabinet was moved across room.

Although the shelves were full, most of what was on them were large items, so they were soon empty.

I seem to have a few pirate ships ! But I am saving them for my grandson!

Shelves removed !

still lots of things about !

No upper cupboards that supported the shelves.

So now the centre unit the stuck out into the room is under the worktop.

There is a gap this is big enough to take two of the upper cupboards but I have chosen to use it to store some of the many boxes I have. 

So you can see how much space, three foot I have gained on worktop by removing the three cupboards.

Now I have to sort things out and get Paul to make the moving shopfront unit.

to be continued


  1. Well done! You've almost inspired me to organize my Sasha mess. Almost... ;-)

    1. Don't do it! It always looks like a day's work but turns into a week or six!!!