Wednesday, 10 March 2021


 Well my requested item is in production... 

Can you guess what it is ?  I'm sure you can !  In actual fact there are two items being made one for me and one for my sister,Michelle. Yesterday Paul cut the fronts out and today took a trip out to get what he needed to make all the trim.

Michelle's is based on the original design that Paul made for the first Chat n Snap back in 2013.

If you look at 2013 October and retail therapy, you can see the display.

Paul made three shop fronts, one for me , one for Gill ( the one in this photo ) and one for a raffle prize.

Gill keeps her's as a wool shop as shown above.

They were very popular and if you go back to the post for October of that year you can see all three.

Kendal , a friend and fellow Sasha lover so wanted P auk to make her one, But knowing just how long it would take Paul to get round to making it, I instead sent my one to Kendal as a gift .

Michelle, my sister , was also meant to get one but we waited and waited and years passed.... I have to say thatb Paul did over those years make things for the chat n snap dispolay , a merry go round, coconut shy etc but still ten years.... is a long time....

So now he is retired I asked once again for my replacement shop front and because he's retired and not working on the house or garden at present, he's set about making thme !!!!

Of course, my shop request has changed somewhat from even last month. I now want it to be able to be used for bigger dolls not just Sasha's it'd being up sized plus I want a differnt look.

I'm getting Paul to base mine on this shop front, this time

The two dolls on the left in this photo are about twenty inches tall, so much bigger. Naturally I'm being very demanding on exactly just what it needs to look like ! 

I may get it painted red ? or possible green or even dark blue !

When it's done it can have so many uses! Tea room, Toy Shop, dress or hat shop the choice is endless

Of course the shop will need a name and I was thinking of just a girls name but then a certain Granny started huffing and puffing, muttering and making threats in italian ! So I think the name will have to  be Fortuna !

So hopefully I may be able to share more of the shop later in the week !

This is from the book about Lynne and Michael Roche's dolls.


  1. Woah! Woooaaah! Gorgeous! Paul is an artist, really! Congratulations! My Sashas would love to buy things in that shop. I think they would prefer a tack shop or a candy store...

    1. I have to agree the boys good! lol I cannot wait for it to be done so I can play with it!
      I don't have enough tack for a shop but can do a sweet shop. :)

  2. Perhaps Paul should make another one, because you do realize that once Granny moves into that shop, she's NEVER moving out! On the other hand, she probably wouldn't appreciate retail competition.

    1. I would be tempted to ask him but this one is so big , I don't keep I could find the space for another! I'm tempted to give it a name and hope Granny doesn't notice it doesn't say Fortuna but then I could see her up a ladder with Bruno at the bottom while Granny paints her name across the top !!

  3. It's definitely big! Photos to follow as it proceeds ( yes I agree a tea room full of dolls having afternoon tea! )

  4. Imagine what you can do with this shop front - lots of wonderful photos - as long as you can prevent Granny from decorating it and never allowing any alternations...

    1. I am imagining what fun I have have with this shop front, jsut think of Easter, if it's ready in time or CHRISTMAS !
      Stopping granny taking over will be the only problem, I may have to keep sending her off on holiday , so we can get it back for a couple of weeks!