Friday, 26 March 2021


 I took a couple more photos of the space between the shopfront and the back wall!

You can see , not a lot of space.

Photo taken over top of back wall ! It was awkward to set the blonde roche doll in place , I needed to use the doorway to put her inot her chair and move it back in place.

So now thinking I may need a backdrop the can be dropped down into place once I have set up and can be easily rolled up again once I need access !

And I thought once the shop front was done it would be soooo easy!!!

Also today some lettering arrived..

Now question ! Do I use these letters for the sign or paint the words on ? Opinions in the comments below please.



  1. Literally gasped when I saw the letters. They’re gorgeous, however painted would look equally gorgeous. No help whatsoever, that’s what I am. I can picture the backdrop idea working really well. I’m so enjoying seeing this project come together.

    1. This is my problem , I just cannot make up my mind which way to go with it!
      Glad you are enjoying seeing it all come together. :)

  2. I really like the letters. I would be inclined to paint them gold. Granny runs a very posh establishment!

    1. This is one of the options we are considering, painting the letters to stop them looking so fresh and Granny does love a bit of bling !!